3 AM

by Cosmic



DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to Marvel and all that. Iím just playing with them. Just a little bit of almost fluffiness here. Thanks to DE and Obie for their help. Feedback, as always, would be appreciated. :)

RATING: PG-13 for language. I can completely see her point, though. Because itís 3 frelling am in the morning...

DEDICATED: To Threnny. *snugs*


This better be good. This better be about En Sabah Nur attacking you and eating your liver and using your techno-organic hand as a satellite dish.

Fuck. Off. Itís 3 fucking AM in the morning. Why are you calling me? No, wait, I donít want to hear it. I just donít.

I donít care. I donít care if your car broke down. I donít care if Remyís occupying your usual brooding spot. Get yourself another one. Use your powers of X-Manness and go do good. By hanging up the phone.

Fuck you.

No, I *donít* want to talk about it.

Nate, just hang up the goddamn phone.

Because Iím expecting another call any minute now.

Yes, Nathan, I know itís 3 AM. I just told you so, didnít I? I have a life you know. And I am. Iím expecting to hear about...my date.

Yes! At 3 am. Do you think thereís something odd about that?

Well, who asked you!

Thatís not the point, you jackass.

All right. What do you want to tell me. Iím waiting.

Iím still waiting.



You bastard. You almost scared me.

Almost, but no cigar.

No, you moron, I havenít started up *smoking*. Itís an expression!

Iím not smoking! Fuck, Nate, get off the high pedestal of morality already. I know smokingís bad. Go lecture the kids. I think Samís started smoking something. That, or the boyís just getting really fast. -- Or better yet, go lecture your Ďbossí.


Oh, donít you dare get all huffy on me, you bastard. Iím not your camp counselor and Iím certainly not your keeper. I donít care if Remyís not being nice to you, I donít care if he stole the last cup of coffee right from your hand when you werenít looking. Why werenít you looking?

Oh. Well, I couldnít give a ratís ass.

An expression, Nathan! I swear to god Iíll kill you if you start asking things like that from me again, just because Iím getting a headache. And youíre three thousands miles away from me.

No, I didnít mean that.


Iím going to hang up, now.

I really am.


I swear to God, Nate, if you donít answer in two seconds...




Stop doing that, itís not funny.

Yes, Iím still angry at you.

So why did you call?


WHAT?! My old sweater was destroyed in the latest battle against some supervillain with a geeky costume? Thatís your reason for calling at 3 am?

It *wasnít* destroyed by a supervillain?

You poured coffee on it and couldnít get it normal colored or shaped again after you washed it?

*That*ís your reason for calling me at this ungodly time.

I donít care. Go save a kitten thatís stuck in a tree or something.

Weíve been over this before. Hereís how the conversation goes. ĎI donít want to hear it.í ĎBut I want to annoy you to death by telling it anyway.í ĎSay youíre sorry.í ĎI canít. Itís against my religion.í ĎThen explain yourself.í ĎI canít. That would go against my broody do-gooder X-Man savior of the world persona. And Iím petty like that, because I know I was wrong and you were right and I should be down on my knees begging for your forgiveness, or at least donate you a great deal money and a new sports-car. But I canít. Woes me, the poor angst ridden Cable with the too many names.í Then I hang up the phone.

Yes, I *am* indeed mocking you. You just now got that?



Could you repeat what you just said?

No, before that.

Youíre sorry? Wow. I guess... okay. I can forgive you.

That means youíre forgiven. As long as it never happens again.

But itís still one of my favorite TV shows and you canít just tape Terminator on the rerun tape just because you canít find any other tape.

The A-Team did *not* suck. Youíre just jealous at my Ďoohingí and Ďaahingí at the handsome men with Tabby. Youíre also extremely jealous because Mr. T has more metal on him than you do.

Yeah. And I was very dignified doing that, too. And you have lousy taste in programs anyway, so you canít say anything about the subject that would matter at all.

You are? No wonder I had a headache.

Nothing. Let me buzz you in. Then you can *really* start apologizing to me...


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