Don't Tell Me

by Binkeee



I was listening to my radio on the way home from school and this song came on called "Don't Tell Me" I heard it and fell in love with it. Then I thought about how it would relate to Sam now that Tab's got Bobby, and how she's been thinkin' how much he's changed in the weeks.  So this is my story about seven years in the future starring the two lovebirds Sam and Tab.  P.S. the lyrics are at the bottom of the page to the song, it's country.

You are are cordially invited to the wedding of...

"What!?" Sam eyes widen in shock as his eyes ate up the wording of the invitation.  It couldn't be true; no matter how many times he forced himself to read it, the words weren't true. Plain as that. But it was as true and real invitation as there ever was, from his friends of X-Force. Ex- friends his mind corrected him. They had been fooling around behind his back for close to three weeks right under his nose back then, and now they were getting married. It was impossible.

Sam never got over Tabitha, no matter how much time or different girls he went out with since the seven years they'd been apart. He had hoped she had done the same, that she would come back to the mansion and want him again, not Bobby. His hate raged again to think of how he found them, wrapped in each others arms, in his bed of all places. Tabitha had told him she couldn't wait any longer for him, and left again with Bobby to LA where they'd left the rest of X-Force.

His hate slowly turned into pain as his feelings reminded him of her, what they had together, even for a brief period. And I'll have to live forever knowing this hurtin' I feel right now. Sam's eyes started to water, God how he had wanted Tabitha, even after she betrayed him the first time. He could he remember how she said she wanted him, even during the fling with Bobby, which was thought to be dead and gone. They were together again, he couldn't remember feeling better than those few months. That is until he had caught them.

Sam's world crumbled around his feet again, Tabitha throw her dagger, and it hit it's target tried and true, it hit his heart. How could I have been that stupid? I should've forgave her. But she never asked for his forgiveness, and he left to quick to hear any more of her words than, "I'm sorry Sam, I love Bobby."

Sam dealt with the pain the first few months by not caring. He would constantly drink anything he could get his hands on. Waking up in the arms of a girl he didn't remember going to bed with, and leaving before they woke up. Until Paige found him in Boston, she barely even recognized him. She didn't tell their dying mother what he had done much to the relief of Sam. It took over three years but he had himself under control, and a year later he re-enrolled, along with Paige, as an X-Man.

"What is all the yelling for?" Paige asked walking into the den where her brother sat dumbfounded.  Sam handed her the paper, her sympathy deepened, she knew how much her brother had loved Tabitha and how it ended.  She got the opportunity to pound the hell out of the tramp but she couldn't do, not as long as her brother held his ex-girlfriend in his heart. "I'm sorry Sam."

"Why? They wanted to be together now they got their wish." Sam answered getting up; walking to the window, trying to avoid Paige from seeing his tears that were silently falling. His soul ached with the hurt the invitation brought, his mind raced with the pain from seeing them together would bring. Having to address them as Mr. and Mrs. Da Coasta. He'd never survive living on that knowledge.

"What are you gonna do?" Paige prodded eyeing Sam to make sure he didn't decide to throw a fit, and return to the road it took her so long to get him off of.

"What else? Ah gotta go. Ah gotta tell her." Sam bowed his head and turned around lifting it to his sister.

"You gotta tell her what?"

"That Ah still love her."

"No. You can't do that." Paige protested, standing up, hands on hips and mind and mouth ready to fight.

"Why can't Ah? Ah have t'tell her what Ah feel." Sam concluded, walking past his furious sister. She grabbed his arm forcing him to turn around to face her.

"Sam she hurt you last time you did that. Don't you remember? I don't want that woman, or any other woman, to hurt you like that again. You can't go." Sam's expression turned stony, yanking his arm from her grasp he walked out of the room. Paige knew she'd have to let him go, and she'd also have to keep a close eye on him after the wedding.

"We've discussed this, and I said no."  Roberto DaCosta slammed down his phone into his desk, frustrated beyond words. Now the President of his father's company, he learned the importance of a stone heart, when dealing with his "friends" in the business world. A small rap on the door, and Roberto lifted his head to see his bride to be, standing in the door way.

Tabitha's chemically created blond hair fell to her waist, her blue eyes had lost their sparkle of youth and was replaced by sadden eyes of an old woman. Her smile was warm and loving, as he thought her heart was. He signaled her to come in and she obeyed.

"What is it Tab?" Roberto demanded as if talking to a possible client, Tabitha seated herself directly in front of him on the opposite side of the large oak desk.  Like a tape recording he asked her the same question every time they meet 'What is it, Tab?' Tabitha usually could put up with it, but he had changed so much in the years, she had forgotten why she even loved him.

"Bobby I was thinking about the wed-" Roberto started to wag his finger at her, she looked down at the desk and silently cursed who ever in heaven gave him his company. Tabitha breathed in and straightened her back. Before looking him in the eye to continue, her mind flashed with hate. A common feeling and one of the more nurtured feelings as of late.

"I'm sorry, Roberto", he smiled at her and leaned his back into his tall leather chair once again, "Like I was saying, about the wedding--"

"Yes it's going to be beautiful isn't it?"

"I'm sure it will be but--"

"But nothing then, if you're happy with the arrangements then you can have no questions, Good day."


"Good Day." Roberto snapped, turning his attentions back to his demolished phone "Oh and Tab, tell the secretary to send in another phone. I seemed to have killed this one." Tabitha nodded and slammed the door.

"Alice, get him another phone." Tabitha huffed out; walking out into the long tiled hallway the sharp clicks of her high heels deafening her thoughts. Her eyes had been frozen from tears for years, she honestly didn't think she had any reason to cry. Bobby's business was going extremely well, she lived like a princess, and was treated like a slave. I should have known it. She quietly whispered to herself every time she left Roberto. She pushed the button, and the elevator opened, how she wished she didn't feel so--so used.

And, Tabitha reminded herself, she was taking his name as her own. Her rage was set wild through out her body, with all her force she slammed her six hundred-dollar purse into the beautifully designed elevator wall.  The snap was thrown open as the contents of the purse spilled out, her compact opened and small silver slivers of mirror flew freely. She locked her jaw and got down on her knees. Bobby would hurt her if she had given him a bad name.

"It was just a tantrum,  again." Tabitha whispered picking up the shards of glass with her bare hands.  But she knew she'd been having too many of these fit throwing times for some one her age. It was Bobby's fault, even if she refused to believe that. Every time she did something, which reflected her need for rebellion, he'd out law it in they're house. She stood up to him once, and only once, even then he slapped her down, burned her and humiliated her in front of her teammates.

Tabitha collected herself and waited patiently for the ground floor.  The doors slid open and Tabitha felt the urge to run from this place. But no, Bobby would punish her for disgracing him any more than she already did. Even in the back of her mind, there lay a face of hope, but her thoughts never traveled that far back, why on earth would he ever forgive her?

"Where to Miss Smith?"  Tabitha's driver asked as soon as she touched concrete. Bobby sure does like to keep me under tight surveillance. She thought it was sweet at first but month after month of being followed like a thief, she got irritated and even tried to dodge them from time to time.  But Bobby was always a step in front of her.

"Home. Where else?"  She told him, sitting down in the exquisite limousine, one of many Bobby owned. All that was left for her was to fantasize about the life she once had with X-Force, with Sam. still Shuttering at how cold she had been that night, when he found them again.  Tabitha told him she couldn't wait for him anymore, but know, she realized looking back, was a complete lie. She could and would have waited forever for Sam if necessary.

"I'm still waiting Sam." she whispered looking out the window at the expensive Beverly Hill's homes. Her heart longed for the joy it use to know the joy of knowing someone would die for her. Fight for her, even though she didn't deserve it. The joy she thought Bobby would bring, but he couldn't, only Sam could rise up that feeling within her. Why didn't' she realize when she had him? Why did she have to lose him to see how much she needed to be with him?

But that was all in the past now. No matter what, she'd lost him forever. Tabitha didn't even expect Sam to forgive her the first time she broke his heart. And now, she was marrying a man she hated a man that wasn't anywhere close to what she wanted in life. She wanted Sam, here, there, now, then, anywhere at anytime she would rather Sam's loving arms wrapped around her than Mr. Da Costa's money hungry hands.

"Do you want anything sir?" The woman questioned handing Sam his pillow. Shaking his head, Sam took the pillow, putting it behind his head, glaring contently out the window where the white fluffy cloud s displayed themselves.

"What's wrong with you?" a woman's voice asked, Sam turned to his fellow passenger, to see a young woman sitting beside him. She smiled at his confused look.


"I asked you what's wrong? You look like a puppy that just been deserted on a lonely highway in the middle of the night."

"It's nothin'. " Sam said quietly turning around to the window again.

"Come on you can tell me. We have a thirteen hour flight ahead of us."  Sam turned to her again, all he could think was What nerve! But her face was sweet and trusting, her brown hair falling in front of her hazel eyes. He sighed, Sam knew better then try to ignore women, they found out sooner or later and sooner always seemed to hurt at lot less.

"Do you really want to know?" Sam searched giving himself one last chance to get out of talking with her. She nodded her head yes, he swallowed and looked down, and he was caught. Now Sam had to give the woman a story.

"You look like your wife just ran off with the mail man."

"Nope, she wasn't my wife and he wasn't the mail man. She was muh girlfriend and he was muh best friend." The woman's eyes became larger as she leaned closer to not miss one detail. "It was over seven years ago, Ah found them one time just kissin' and Ah left, then Ah came back and forgave her. That's how much Ah loved that girl, she hurt me and Ah was willin' to take her back with out so much as a bat of an eye."

"Did you two reconcile?"

"Oh, yeah. We went on for a few months just like nothin' happen between her and Bobby. Ah thought she really wanted to be series about us. Ah knew Ah was, Ah still am. Ah even went down town one day, and got her somethin' to prove it. Somethin' that would make me an' her forever, like Ah always thought it should be. " Sam paused trying to prevent the tears that wanted to fall as the awful memory came alive again in full color.

Sam hide the small jewelry box in his pocket so no one would know his intentions until Tabitha did. It had taken him a year to save up enough money to but the ring, but Tabitha was worth it to him. He ran up stairs to her room, only to find it empty. He actually thought it over and decided it was best if he looked more presentable before, asking for forever. He walked slowly to his room, with a stupid grin on his lips. His mind kept playing over the scene, she'd be there with her ever loving eyes set on him. And then he'd kneel down before her and tell her how much she meant to him and then slip the ring on her slim finger.

By the time Sam opened the door, he was so high on love nothing could have brought him down. Until he flipped on the switch and he saw them there. In an instant his world came tumbling down like rain. She was wrapped up in another's arms...again. He was in to much shock to even get the words out, after Tabitha said she loved Bobby, Sam clutched the box in his pocket. Turning around he opened it up and watched as the diamond sparkled through his tears. The love melted away in her heart, and his ran down his face. He dropped the ring and threw the box in the trash. He could have just left through the door, but instead he blasted away by creating a hole in the ceiling.

"But she went back to him." He concluded in a sob. The woman guided him into her arms and started to rub his back, trying to comfort him in any way.

"Then why are you on this plane?"

"'Cause she's gonna marry the man that took her from me twice. And Ah can't let her do that, Ah'm gonna tell her everythin' like Ah should of that night when...when.."

"'s okay. Any woman would kill to have that happen at their wedding, to have two men wanting them. I think she's going to be a very lucky woman if she picks you."

"This is horrible." Tabitha wheezed out, breathing in even more. Bobby wanted her to be a size three in stead of a size seven, and Bobby always got what he wanted.

"There now you'll fit into the dress." Alice said opening the box Bobby sent in.  Taking it out, Tabitha's mouth dropped in disgust. It was a low V cut with an above the knee skirt, it had a long and silky train flowing down the back but the worst of all, it was pink. Her heart sank into the soft carpet, she always wanted her wedding dress to be a full length, and white. Sam wouldn't have done this to me. Tabitha thought bitterly.

"It's awful!" Tabitha finally shouted sitting down on the bed next to the box. One day away from her wedding and all she could think of was how to survive it.

"Awfully nice, you mean, my dear." Bobby stood, leaning against the doorway. Alice dropped the dress in surprise and Tabitha stood up, and quickly walked over to him. Bobby's smile flattened as Tabitha pushed him out of her room. She turned around and felt him grab her by the wrist; slamming her against the wall. Tears filled her eyes as he started to shout in his native tongue. Her tears increased as he raised his hand and slapped her, hard against the cheek. "See what you make me do? " He accused turning around and walking away.

"Miss Tabitha? Are you okay?" Alice ran out of the room to Tabitha's side. Tabitha nodded and allowed Alice to help her in to the room. She hated Bobby, with all her heart and soul. But Tabitha couldn't get away now, no matter how much she hoped or prayed for it. She would die with hate branded onto her being.

"Alice? Can you leave me." Alice helped Tabitha to the bed and quickly left, her own eyes shimmering with sympathy.  Tabitha waited till the door was shut before reaching under her bed, pulling out a small shoebox. She flung off the lid and started to shift through the different assortment of things, pictures, letters, and finally the thing she was looking for. Sam's ring.  It was small and its sparkle was deadened by the years it lived in a box. Slipping it on her finger she started to sob out "I would have said yes, I would have said yes."

Pulling her legs to her chest she started to cry on her bare legs. She started to think of the stupid song that Sam always sang to her when they would go to sleep under the stars. Tell my heart to stop beating, Tell my mind not to think, Throw a stone in the ocean, And tell that stone not to sink She loved him him not Bobby. He loved her, and she hurt him twice. Tabitha remembered that night with perfect clarity.

Bobby had gotten her drunk and she'd slept with him, like the prostitute she thought she was.  Then the lights had woken her up, and Sam was standing there, with the same brokenhearted expression he had the first time he's caught them. Tabitha said she'd loved Bobby, she lied, and it was the alcohol.  Sam turned from her and that's when she saw the most beautiful thing in the world slip from his hand. A small band of gold gently landed by her clothes, and as he blasted off she called out to him, but he didn't hear or didn't care.

Tabitha examined her finger where her most prized possession sparkled in the light of the fire. " Tell the world to stop turnin' around, Tell the sky not to be so blue, Tell the rain to stop fallin' down like tears, But don't tell me to stop loving you. Don't tell me to stop loving you." she silently sang to herself, the tears started to renew themselves and rolled down her face as her world started to slip away again.

"My dear, you look gorgeous!" Roberto exclaimed bursting in on his bride. Tabitha turned around and attempted to smile.  She wasn't even going to ask him to leave, even though it was thought to be bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. He wrapped her up in a short, emotionless embrace she struggled out of.  Bobby's cell phone rang, and he left as quickly as he came.

"I don't see why yer so depressed Tabitha, I saw the rock Bobby's gonna be putting on yer finger. And it could buy small country." Theresa Proudstar commented after seeing the tears roll down her friend's face.  Tabitha didn't care how large the diamond was; it would be cheaper then dirt to her because there was no love in it at all. Looking in the mirror she adjusted her necklace so the small band of gold she cherished would be seen by her soon to be husband.

"Come on." Cable stated. Tabitha's father had been dead for many years, and Bobby absolutely insisted Cable needed to walk her down the aisle. Bobby was only friends with him because the man had connections to the outermost parts of the world.

The church was filled, even more than Tabitha thought possible. All of Bobby's "friends" were in the front while their friends and families were forced into the shadows in the back.  Tabitha felt the aisle becoming shorter and shorter. Bobby's smug smile on his lips. She was glad the veil covered her face as the tears started to roll down it again.

Sam sat quietly wondering what to do next, he could go to where she was and steal her away. But then again what if Tabitha didn't love him as much as he loved her? What would Sam say when he said what he meant? Sam knew what he hoped for had a good possibility of not coming true. But he prayed to God He'd let him have Tabitha.

This is going to fast Tabitha screamed to herself. She'd already forced out the "I do" and now her last chance for freedom was coming.

"And if any one here finds any reason why these two shall not be wed speak now, or forever hold your peace."  Please, somebody say something! Tabitha started to cry harder no one was saying anything. She was going to be stuck with this man. She wanted Sam, she wanted God to send him in here, and for them to blast away together. Her tears felt hotter as the priest began the next sentence

"Then I pronounce you ..."

"WAIT!" Every head in the room was turned, even Tabitha's heart leapt with joy and over flowed with love as her knight in shinning armor, Samuel Guthrie stood there. "Ah can't let you say that! Tabitha Ah gotta tell you somethin', Ah know that Ah probably didn't pick the best of times to say this but Ah want you ta know that Ah love you. Ah've always loved you, and Ah don't care what happened to us in the past. Ah love you and Ah can't give you a ring like Bobby's and give you pearl necklaces for your birthday. Ah can give you dances in sun or rain, and you'd know Ah love you and no one else." Sam paused, waiting for her to say something.  When all that followed was silence, he bowed his head and started to leave.

"Sam, what took you so long?" Tabitha sobbed out, throwing her flowers into the air, as she ran down the aisle. Sam turned just in time to catch her in an embrace, which almost made him fall on his back.  "I love you to Sam! I don'twanttomarryBobby. Please take me away from this place!"

Tabitha sobbed into his chest. Sam lowered his head and caught up her mouth in a hungry kiss.

Don't Tell Me

(Buddy Miller/Julie Miller)

Tell my heart to stop beating
Tell my mind not to think
Thrown a stone in the ocean
And tell that stone not to sink

Tell the world to stop turnin' around
Tell the sky not to be so blue
Tell the rain to stop fallin' down like tears
But don't tell me to stop loving you
Don't tell me to stop loving you

Tell the past to be forgotten
Tell my life not to exist
Tell a promise made to be unspoken
And my lips not to have been kissed

Tell the world to stop turnin' around
Tell the sky not to be so blue
Tell the rain to stop fallin' down like tears
But don't tell me to stop loving you
Don't tell me to stop loving you

I can't do it, I can't stop
It's something that love has sealed
Only the broken-hearted know the way I feel

Tell the world to stop turnin' around
Tell the sky not to be so blue
Tell the rain to stop fallin' down like tears
But don't tell me to stop loving you
Don't tell me to stop loving you

Sung by: Lee Ann Womack


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