The Hard Way: Part 12

by Perri Smith



They froze at the voice that came out of the darkness ahead of them. A flare of light accompanied it, revealing Nyct standing in front of them, flanked by four soldiers.

Nyct tsked loudly, shaking her head, a smug smile dancing across her face. "To think, little old me sneaking up on the great Deadpool and his seven-sensed baby sister. Another screw-up for your record."

"Screw-up?" Delphi hadn't even blinked when Nyct appeared, and seemed totally relaxed now. "I wasn't part of the B team that fouled this whole thing up in the first place. I think your record is a bit patchier than ours."

"Who're you callin' B team?" One of Nyct's companions took offense at Delphi's description.

"She's callin' you B team, ya loser, or are you still having problems understanding English, pal? I'll give you a hint -- there were, like, two teams and we weren't the ones who fouled up. That help?" Deadpool's contribution from the back didn't help the situation. Siryn had to bite back the urge to laugh, and couldn't contain a smothered smile.

Nyct's jaw tightened, but her own smile stayed in place. "I don't know, I think managing to sneak up on you ranks as a major accomplishment. What happened to those infamous eyes in the back of your head, Jordie? You should have Seen me coming a mile away."

"I'm clairvoyant, not omniscient, my name is Jordan, and you're a dead woman!" Delphi snarled, dropping the relaxed attitude.

"I don't think so. Lights out, dearies." Nyct narrowed her eyes in concentration. Siryn felt herself begin to black out, saw Deadpool drop to his knees. She let go of Delphi and felt the other woman stagger into the wall beside them. She fell to her hands and knees beside Deadpool, trying to stay awake.

From a few miles away, Siryn heard Nyct speaking into a radio. "We have them, Magistrate," she said smugly.

Tam's answer crackled over the radio. "Good. He won't be happy about this mess, maybe having these four to give him will keep us both alive."

Siryn tried hard to think, tried to figure out who 'he' was, but it was too much effort. Vaguely, she realized Delphi still had not fallen, and managed to squint over towards her.

Nyct realized it too. "What the hell?" She concentrated harder, but Delphi braced herself against the wall, showing absolutely no sign of passing out. Again, it was too much effort to wonder why. Siryn let herself slump to the floor, but managed to keep her eyes open.

Nyct was still having no luck. "You should be dropping! I should have put you to sleep!"

Delphi cocked her head. "You mean you didn't know about my other little talent?" Even through the fog, Siryn could still make out Delphi's easy grin. "I've got this little. . . well, I guess you'd call it a psi-shield. Did Deadpool forget to tell you about that?" She shook her head in mock embarrassment, shrugging with her entire torso, her hands in the air. "Well, what can you expect from him, honestly? Anyway, it makes me completely invulnerable to psychic attacks. Like yours."

Her hands dropped too quickly to see, flashing to her hip. In one motion, she drew her gun and fired a single shot.

Nyct dropped and didn't get up. Immediately, Siryn began to wake up.

Delphi looked at her, then past her at the soldiers. She smiled again; her eyes narrowed. "Go play somewhere else, boys."

They were smart. They took her advice and ran.

"Not bad." Wolverine managed to lift his head before Theresa or Wade recovered. "Didn't know about that little trick."

Delphi shrugged. "You never were around when I demonstrated it." She knelt beside him, completely ignoring Nyct's body, and put her hand on his chest. "How you doin'?"

"Pretty damn lousy," he answered.

"Yeah." Delphi stood back up. "Everyone else at least semi- functional?"

Siryn pulled herself to her feet, shaking away the now-familiar fuzziness. "More or less. Well done."

"Thanks." Delphi looked past her down the corridor. "Wade, get Logan and let's get the hell gone."

"I'm fine, sis, thanks for asking." His peeved grumbling was lost in the sounds of a fight coming from up ahead. "What's going on up there, Jordie?" he asked, looking up from manuevering Wolverine.

"Sounds like the Street Fighter II world championships, live action," Wolverine commented, trying to stand without Deadpool's help.

"You're not far off," Delphi answered him. Her eyes were unfocused, her face a curious blend of relief and fear. "We've got company coming."

"Who?" Deadpool and Siryn demanded simultaneously. Before Delphi could answer it became unnecessary; a voice suddenly rang out clearly over the noise.

"Everyone spread out! I want this place turned upside down until we find Siryn!"

Another voice chimed in. "Try and leave some of it standing, if that wouldn't be too much trouble."

"It might be!"

"I know that bickering," Siryn said; a grin of relief spread across her face before she yelled, "Cable, quit y'r bellowin', I'm over here!"

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