The Last Straw

By Desert Nomad



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"This is unfair. This is prejudice. This is wrong and THE MLF WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!!!"

The bewildered man behind the counter suddenly found a hand around his throat. "Sir, I apologize, but it is standard policy--"

"NO! IT IS MUTANT DISCRIMINATION!" The young man's eyes began to glaze over as the oxygen just wasn't making it to his brain. Wildside's mutant ability was to distort reality, but he was pretty strong, too.

"Oooh, honey, show him who's boss," Dragoness purred next to him.

"I hate this. I hate all of you. I can't believe I joined this group again. I can't believe you're wearing a bikini and platform shoes."

"Oh, quit your whining, Tempo," Dragoness continued. "No one held a gun to your head." Several people had started to run for the door. "Hold it right there! No one leaves! The MLF is in charge now!" Dragoness's hands glowed with her biosting. The cowed hostages returned to their seats. "Don't tell me you don't looooove this, Heather, dear."

"I don't. It stinks. Haven't you noticed how everyone's quit on us? Reignfire, Locus, even Moonstar left last week."

"Wusses, all of them," Wildside sniffed, throwing the man to the ground where he gasped for air. "I'm beginning to think you and your friend Forearm are going the same direction, as well. Don't you believe in our cause? I bet you think we should leave this place alone, right now! Mike?"

"Uh, whatever," Forearm replied blankly. He was still simultaneously trying to process the information that Dani was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, they'd been set up before, and that his last name seemed to be changing spontaneously. Sure, it'd been two monthes, but just because he had four arms didn't mean he had any brain power to spare.


Suddenly, there was a rumble and a high-pitched scream. The front of the building collapsed into a pile of rubble and pink and orange fiberglass. As the dust cleared, X-Force was revealed, posing heroically.

"Oh, gee," Heather monotoned. "X-Force is here. We will beat them this time. I just know it."

"Shut up," Wildside hissed. "You think you can stop us, X-Force? Ha! These people tried to pull one over on the MLF! You can do nothing to stop us!"

Siryn, leader of X-Force strode forward, anger in her eyes. She slammed her hand down on the counter, revealing a crumpled five dollar bill. "This is the third time this week, an' I'm gettin' tired of it. The 'Dunkin' Donuts is worth the trip' promotion is over. Next time, PAY FER YUIR OWN BLEEDIN' DONUTS!"

"Well," Wildside said, clearing his throat as the MLF stalked out of the ruined store. "I do believe justice has been served."

The End

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