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Welcome to the Alternate Timelines archive group. We're still somewhat under construction, but everything's functional (for the most part). As you can see, we have a number of archives to choose from, and a range of stories and authors that's frankly quite frightening in scope, at least in our humble opinion. ;) All we ask of our visitors is that you enjoy (and if possible, send feedback to the authors), although if you see any broken links or run across any other problems, do drop us a line at this address (repeated at the bottom of the page, along with where you can find our submissions guidelines).

The Dayspring Archive: Cable Fan Fiction - An archive of stories about Cable/Nathan Dayspring Summers. Open to submissions.

Strange Luck: Domino Fan Fiction - Domino-focused stories. Open to submissions.

Partners: Cable and Domino Fan Fiction - Stories where Cable and Domino both have major roles (not necessarily 'shipper fic). Open to submissions.

Property Damage: X-Force Fan Fiction - A sizeable collection of X-Force fan fiction. Open to submissions, but old team only, please!

Premium Vintage: The 'Other' Archive - The archivists' favorite non-Cable/Domino/X-Force stories; largely general X-Men, but also some TCP and Gotham stories. Not open to submissions.

Argent Miscellany: Alicia McKenzie's Fan Fiction - A collection of Alicia McKenzie's fan fiction (mostly Cable-related).

Mental Jewelry: The Collected Works of DuAnn Davis - A collection of DuAnn Davis' fan fiction, including Just Lucky, I Guess .

Words To Gold: The Fan Fiction of Dandelion - A collection of Dandelion's fan fiction, including the Alchemy Arc and A Companion Picture.

Allegiance: Authority and Stormwatch Fan Fiction - An archive of stories dealing with the Authority and Stormwatch, its precursor, from Wildstorm Comics. Open to submissions.

Shadowlands - The official archive for stories set in the Shadowlands universe. Concept by Alicia McKenzie; submissions accepted, but strict guidelines.

Pantheon - The official archive for the Pantheon series, the second-generation sequel to Alicia McKenzie's 'Outsider's Arc.'

Alternate Visions - Alternate Timelines' fan art gallery.


Contact the archivists. We would love to know what you think of the site, and welcome any suggestions you may have.

Visit the Alternate Timelines Group at Yahoo for submission guidelines for open archives. Submissions emailed directly to either archivist will be returned unread and we will frown at you most sadly.

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