Once Upon a Forgotten Dream

by Heartache



She use to be beautiful. She use to be loved and wanted. She use to be strong, a hero, even at one time an X-Woman. But she what she is now is nothing that she use to be, now she's is addicted. He would have loved her, even if he knew he would have loved her.

But instead of standing by his side, she gives herself to other's nightly. It wasn't always this way, she had a family that loved her, friends that would die for her, and she was clean. Clean from the devil's liquid that ran through her veins, clean with her mind pure of any evil that ever came her way. Her body was clean of impurity, she was a virgin before the death.

She sees the shell of her once innocent body, brushing her long dyed blond hair that seems to attract more attention. She wears too much make-up and wears not enough clothes. Changed here name to Samantha, moved to England. They've tried to contact her, tell her that they want her back, that it wasn't her fault.

But who else is there to blame but the girl she use to be? It was through that <i>other girls</i> action, her reserve and pride, that the Death came. Stupid mistakes, no second chances, no forgiveness. No forgiveness. She'll walk out into the cold city lights, attract customers, and spend the night in a cheap motel with a ungodly man's arms wrapped around her.

The unloving cold arms she can take, but when she looks into the eyes and sees no love, she can't help but let a tear roll down her pale face. She'll then think about the chance that he gave her for love. And then remember how she refused him, and how she wouldn't be able to look him the eye ever again.

"Sam are you ready?" Tina calls down the hall, with a final look in the mirror to make sure she looks as cheap as she knows she is. Reverence time is over and her work begins.

Two cars pass before she hikes up her skirt about six inches, then three more pass. Samantha starts toward another corner in a more expensive part of town. Only to find herself at the Extrando hotel of London. The party of people coming out seems to be her old friends for their yearly Europe traveling. She couldn't help but wonder if sometimes they noticed that she always watched, even if from across the street. Did they know?

They all go in, except one. It was him the one that promised to be there through thick or then. She hurt him so much. He'd never want her back now, she was trash in the eye's of the world. But just to hold him would be everything, just once more. But he too leaves the cold London air for the warm welcoming doors of the hotel. He leaves, she stays.

She will stand there until business calls her away to a cheap hotel on the other side. And during the drive or walk over there she'll damn her self for the use of the drugs that command her life now. And pray that the man she loves will never see her again. And pray that God forgive her for everything she has done, the Death, the pain and the unthinkable nights. She killed her baby with the drugs so why shouldn't she share the same fate?

She was beautiful once. She was Siryn. She was Teresa Rourke. But now like so many things, her other life was once upon a forgotten dream.

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