Premonitions: Prologue

by Mz. Kitten



Standard disclaimers apply.

"Why are you still up?" You know, despite his size, trying to make Nathan out in the darkness of the kitchen is not as easy as it would seem. All I wanted was a snack, and now I have a whole feast of brooding to deal with... 

"Does it matter?" Hmm. Nate, are you being philosophical?


"I couldn't sleep, ok?"

" Hey, don't get all bratty with me. I was just asking," Man, he sounds more like me everyday... Poor guy. 

"I needed to think. Sorry," 

"It's ok. Anything you need to get off your chest?" I know that he can come up with a smart little quip about the old days, and at this point I wish he would. No verbal sparring make me a very nervous person around him. 

"Do you think I'd make a good father?" Whoa. 


"I mean, the whole Tyler thing aside...Do you?" Hmm.. this is NOT the LAST thing I thought we'd talk about. but definitely close. Last thing would have been Nate asking me how to shoot a gun. I better make this good...

"I...I guess...I just hadn't thought about it, Nate," Oh, REALLY smooth, Dom.

"Well...I guess I just wanted to know what you thought. I'm going back to bed,"

"..." Great, a perfect opportunity for some Oops...and you are gonna let him go back to bed.



"I'm not gonna ask what brought this on. But, yeah, I think you'd be a great dad," And it's true. He would be the best father. Whoever got to carry his child had better be grateful...and have a high pain tolerance. The kid would be a fighter. Just like his dad.

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