The Not Knowing is What Gets You: Part 4

by Alystraea




It was rapidly nearing dawn as the members of X-Force sped down the streets of San Francisco. There was a slight chill in the night air and at moments it seemed as if the dawn would never come. Rahne sat firmly squished between the door and Sam. She was staring out the window feeling more than a little nervous. The night had been filled with unexpected occurrences, leaving the Scottish lass more than a little confused.

"No, you are wrong!":

"Sam, how could you forget?"

Rahne glanced over at Sam and Bobby who were deep into a heated argument. She couldn't hold back a smile at their foolishness.

"I remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday," Bobby huffed. "You can never keep your stories straight."

"That's funny coming from you." Sam gave a little snort. "Since you got this one all wrong."

"Well at least I didn't break the bathroom door,"

"I didn't, you did."

Rahne giggled softly and the two boys gave her a brief glare before going back to their argument. Dani turned around from the front seat to share a rolling of the eyes with Rahne.

"This is the way it was," Sam stated. "You stole my hat. Remember?"

"Yeah," Bobby nodded. "And then you chased me me up the stairs. I ran into the bathroom..."

"And knocked the door off its hinges."

"No," Bobby shook his head, "You ran into it and knocked it out of the frame."

"Are you crazy? That's not what happened I..."

"Shut up. You don't remember a thing."

"Why you...."

"Just try..."

"Enough!" Tabitha broke in, leaning around from the other side of Bobby so she could glare at both of them, "You both have it wrong. The two of you managed to wake Wolverine up with all of your stupid noise and he broke the door open. Then the two of you spent the next three weeks tiptoeing around the mansion." She slumped back in her seat. Sam and Bobby stared at each other, they opened their mouths as if they were about to dispute it, but laughed instead.

"You know, I think she's right," Sam laughed.

"Yeah, that was funny. I had forgotten all about it," Bobby agreed.

"I'm surprised ye lived to tell the tale." Terry glanced back at them in the rear view mirror.

"We're just lucky like that." Bobby flashed her one of his winning smiles. They were all laughing and reminiscing about their earlier days, though sometimes it took several tries before the story was told correctly. With the most natural of movements, Sam nonchalantly slipped his arm around Rahne's shoulders. She tried not to stiffen with surprise. He smiled at her and gently pulled her a little closer before rejoining the conversation. Rahne had to remind herself to breathe.

Why now? Rahne thought to herself, Why does he decide tae show a little interest, now? It would have been nice if he could have done this a little earlier.

She glanced up at Sam. His face was all lit up as he laughed at someone's joke. Still it was rather nice. She sighed and watched the cars speed past them.

The sun had just crept over the horizon and Tabitha found herself sitting on the steps outside their new home watching. She had one of Bobby's old sweaters on against the chill of morning. She supposed she should go in and get some rest. They were all going sight seeing with Rahne during the day, but something kept her up.

"What are you doing out here?" She glanced behind her to see Bobby walking towards her. He was carrying a mug. "Want some coffee?" He leaned down to hand her the mug.

"Thanks," she said, taking it. They were silent as Bobby sat down beside her. He managed to slip his arm around her. She didn't protest, but she didn't move any closer either.

"It's pretty," Bobby said indicating the sunrise, though he was watching her, searching for some sign. Tabitha nodded, not really wanting to talk. Bobby sighed and began tapping his foot in a steady rhythmic pattern. She gave him an annoyed glance and he stopped. They were silent for about five minutes of so before he simply blurted it out.

"What's got you so down?"

"I don't know," she replied automatically, "Its just...." she paused not wanting to sound like an idiot. "Its just.... I don't understand what all these guys see in Rahne."

"Huh?" Bobby stared at her confused.

"I mean she can just twist guys around her little finger with out even trying." She glanced over at him, "Like Ric. She had him to the point were he ran half way around the world to find her. He was really in love with her. And now..." she glanced away, "Now she's got Sam."

"Yeah, I noticed that arm around her shoulders," Bobby chuckled, "Its cute. She's had it bad for him for years." He paused and he face suddenly went blank, "Are you jealous of Rahne?"

"Why would I be jealous of Rahne?" She said a little too quickly, "Even now she's still just a kid. She's...."

"You're still hung up on Sam aren't you?" Bobby cut her off. The hurt in his voice was clear. "Listen if you don't want to be with me anymore just say it."

"Bobby..." She didn't know what to say.

"I really want to be with you, Tabitha," Bobby said, staring at the ground. "I haven't felt this way about anyone before. It just feels right this time, but I'm not going to stay in a relationship that's one sided. You know what I mean. Ever since Sam got back, you've been avoiding me. I feel like I have to force you to spend time with me. Just tell me what you want. All I want is for you to be happy and if that means you and Sam back together, then..." he trailed off.

"Idiot," Tabitha muttered and leaned over to kiss him.

Rahne woke up to the sound of the telephone ringing, She started to get up to answer it, but then remembered she was a guest and it wouldn't be right for her to answer their phone. She rolled back over as she heard James answer it. Sleep had almost reconquered her when, Terry opened the door.

"Rahne," she said softly. "It is Moira on the phone I thought ye might want to hear this."

Nothing could have gotten Rahne out of bed faster. She threw the covers off and raced out the bedroom door as fast as lightening. A million horrible thoughts kept running through her head. I knew I shouldna have left. I just knew it.

Dani and Sam were already crowded around the phone with James. He had put it on speaker so that they all could hear. Sam made room for her, and she managed to flash him a grateful smile.

"I'm sorry I...."

"I've been trying to call ye kids all night!" Moira's voice raged over the phone. "I thought I'd never get through tae ye. Where were ye?"

"We just got back in awhile ago." Dani told her, though it was was almost impossible to calm a raging a Moira. She glanced over at Rahne hoping that she could deal with her mother.

"Mummy?" She questioned softly at the phone.

"Ah, Rahne, I'm glad yuir here." Moira answered, the relief in her voice came clearly through the speaker, "I don't want tae repeat myself." A slight pause, "I hate tae bother ye kids, but I dinna have anywhere else tae turn. I tried tae contact the X-men, but I couldna reach them and I don't have the time to wait.... I'm sure that ye are all familiar with the name Renee Majcomb."

"Isn't that the Genoshan doctor that Cable and Dom helped?" Terry asked.

"Yes," Moira continued. "She has been working on a cure for the legacy virus along with Hank and myself. She had a young mutant, Nils Styger, helping her in her research. I had been in contact with both of them, though it was sporadic at best. I hadna heard from either of them for awhile, but I thought nothing of it, but I recently received a visit from Nils. They had both been captured by remnants of Bastion's lackeys. Nils had only just been able tae escape. He wasna able tae save Dr. Majcomb. Nils is going tae need yuir help tae get Renee out. Douglock is flying him out tae ye at the moment. Do ye think ye can handle it?"

"Of course," Sam said, unconsciously jumping back into his old position of leader, "As soon as Douglock and Nils get here, we'll find Dr. Majcomb."

"Do ye need me tae come home?" Rahne asked worried, "I dinna like the idea of ye being all by yuirself."

"No, Rahne I'm fine. I think that yuir needed right where ye are." Rahne glanced over at Sam who was staring intently at her. She tried not to blush.

"Okay, Mummy,"

"Good luck kids. Ye call me if ye need anything." There was a soft click indicating that she had hung up.

"Don't worry," Sam had his arm around Rahne and was gently rubbing her shoulder, "Moira's tough. She'll hang in there and beat this."

"Thank ye Sam," Rahne gave him a genuine smile, leaning wearily into his embrace.

The door opened and they all turned to see Bobby and Tabitha leading in Douglock and another person who they assumed was Nils.

"Look who we found," Bobby said, "Douglock landed the plane in the empty lot across the street. I think that's gonna cause a little confusion for the neighbors."

Douglock's gaze went immediately to Rahne and she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as she realized Sam's arm was still around her shoulder. How could she have forgotten about Doug!?

to be continued...

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