Shattered Perceptions

Chapter Twenty

by Tim Francovich



"I've been in the arena for so long, I'm not sure how to act now that I'm free," Windsong sighed. She and Star had walked away from Cable and the Rebel and stopped at a large rock on the very edge of the camp. Shatterstar sat down and put his head in his hands.

Windsong looked down at him. "You do not agree with the Rebel's decision?" she asked.

Star looked up. "Why am I not ready?" he wondered. "My skills are unmatched. No one on this planet--except Spiral, who cheats--can defeat me in single combat. How much more must I learn?"

"Perhaps he spoke of learning something more than just fighting skills," Windsong suggested. "Up until you escaped, your entire life had been spent in the arena. I'll admit, I know very little of Earth (beyond what I've seen in X-Men re-runs), but maybe what you learn there will better prepare you to lead our people."

"I have never thought of myself as a leader," Star admitted, "only a warrior. Maybe I should attempt to pay closer attention to Cable and Guthrie. They are the leaders of our group."

Star looked up at Windsong as if just noticing her. He opened his mouth to speak, hesitated a moment, then looked away. Finally, he turned back. "When we fought in the arena..." he began.

Windsong sat down beside him. "It was the most difficult fight of my life," she said.

Star looked up at her smooth face and wide, grayish eyes. He thought of the bandaged stab wound hidden behind the loose garment she now wore. "You were magnificent," he replied. "I have never faced such a challenge. I am sorry I had to hurt you."

"I expected you to kill me," she answered. "When you whispered in my ear that I should trust you, I was confused until you stabbed me. That was an expert cut to miss all of my vital organs like that."

"It was my only chance," Star said. "I could not kill you."

"Why not?"

"One does not kill a companion warrior."

"Oh." She looked slightly disappointed.

"And... in my time on Earth, I have learned somewhat about..."


Star was obviously out of his element. "About that which should be shared between a... husband and wife..."

"What is that?" Windsong asked, leaning closer to him.

He looked directly into her eyes, feeling her intense closeness. "Something called... love," he answered.

As the twilight grew darker around them and the air turned cool, Shatterstar and Windsong, warriors of Mojoworld, shared their first kiss, learning more in that one moment about each other than they had in their entire arena battle.

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