Either or Neither

by Em-Spider


This one's for Lynxie and Ali, who asked for it. Thanks to Lynxie for her help...

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine and I'm not getting profit.

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I want to know where Nate is. I want to know exactly where he is, and it's preferable that where he is is right here. Right here, yeah, because I want to get out of here. And I want to know now, too. Yes, now.

Not that I actually LIKE him, I mean, he's. . .no, can't say he's ugly. Not true. Well, then he's. . .no, not exactly RUDE either. He does curse in front of me, if you can call "flonq" cursing. No, I can't say he curses in front of ladies either, because I am NOT a ladylike person -- not really. Not if I'm honest with myself. . . Well. . .he is polite, if aloof, at least when he's not on a mission. I'll bet he's drinking something now. Yeah. Drinking and thinking bad things about me when I'm gone and he thinks it's my fault. . . idiot. But he is flon--d*mn good looking. D*mn. I almost said flonq.

I'm even starting to talk like him.

But. . .if I start talking like him. . .does that mean I MISS him? . . .I hope not. Because then I'd have to admit that I'm not totally independent. That I DO need someone after all. I don't WANT to need someone! I want to do it all by myself! I NEED to do it all by myself!

But if I need him. . .and I need to do it alone. . .what do I really need? How can I need both at once? HOW?

Well, Dom, stupid, you can't. You can't need both at once. So which is it?

Which can you have?

Not both. Can't have both at all. So you need either. Or maybe neither. Maybe you just need to stay here.

But you're not going to. _I'm_ not going to stay here. But I can't get out on my own.

So. . .there's only one thing left. . .I need someone. Can't do it alone.

But nobody would think to look for me here.

So I'll just wait. And need him.

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