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Joshua. Set in an alternate future. A young man must face the greatest terror there is - his date's parents on prom night. An enchanting look at Cable and Domino, from a unique perspective.

That Which Is. Sequel to Joshua. A father must face a terrible truth - his little girl is growing up. Beautiful and insightful.

Odessa. Domino ponders her life; where it is, where it's been, and where it's going. Written in response to the Prelude to Revolution Challenge, this story sheds amazing insight into Domino's thoughts and actions during this period.

Starting Points. (Endless/Domino) With a little help, Domino faces her past with Cable and her future without him. Excellent characterization. Truly a must read! Alternate Timelines Feature Story: November 2000!

Stress Fracture. Cable takes out his anger and grief, while Domino looks on. Excellent characterization, another must read.

A.j. and Brenda Jean Carlson

Battle Lines: Early Afternoon. The sequel to Blue Lines: Early Morning. Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned man-to-man.

Brenda Jean Carlson

All She Is. A look at Domino, through the eyes of the person who probably knows her best, Cable. This story is incredibly insightful. A must read for Domino fans!

Blue Lines Alternate: Prism. Cable ponders the upcoming change in his and Domino's lives. A fascinating look at Cable and at what might have been.

Floats. The search for vanilla ice cream leads to an interesting observation.

Griplines: Introduction, Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, (in progress) Cable has joined X-Force and Domino at the warehouse in San Francisco, as event begin to unfold surrounding Domino's past, present, and future. This story incorporates elements from both Marvel canon and fan-fiction, along with fascinating original characters and back-history, into one of the most ambitious (and in my opinion successful) explorations of the mystery that is Domino!

One Cup. Domino travels to Colorado to pay tribute to a lost friend. A beautiful story. 

Paper Trails. Domino leaves a message for one who might have been and makes a vow to avenge them both. A compelling theory as to how much Domino may have lost to Gryaznova!

Paper Trails: Last to Know. Cable reflects on his loss and the knowledge he was denied. Excellent companion to Paper Trails!

Pie Plates. On a seemingly ordinary night at the diner, Stacey gets a new customer and something of a revelation. Told from Stacey's point of view, this story is an insightful look, not only at this character, but also at Cable and Domino.

Slumber. A metaphorical examination of the trials and rewards of loving an insomniac. Beautifully done!

Brenda Jean Carlson and Lynx

Blue Lines: Early Morning. Every hard truth has its moment. A wonderful example of what happens when two great Dom-writers work together. :) Check out the sequel Battle Lines: Early Afternoon!

Cascade and Alicia McKenzie

Epinikion: Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Interlude, Part 10, (in progress) While lost in the time stream, Rachel Summers and Tanya Trask are given a glimpse into the future. This story is set 4-5 years after 'The Outsiders Arc' by Alicia McKenzie, archived here and at The Dayspring Archive; and features Cascade's original character Dana Hawkes who originally appeared in 'A Laying on of Hands,' archived at the X-Force Archive.

Maria Cline

The Last Meeting. Cable visits a terminally ill, Scott. This story is an authorized prequel to Amanda Sichter's story 'The Spirit and the Setting Free,' which can be found at Fonts of Wisdom at the X-Men Stories Just Because....

More of Maria Cline's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive!


3AM. Domino gets a rather unexpected call.

Before The Sun Rose. Domino ponders the future, as Cable prepares for a mission. Prequel to Don't Look Back.

Don't Look Back. Domino makes a painful decision.

Home For Christmas. The holidays are a time for visiting loved ones. Sequel to Don't Look Back

Habits. Set after the six month gap, Domino visits and old friend and an old lover at the Massachusetts Academy. Warning: This story features a f/f relationship. If this offends you, please go elsewhere.

I Just Called to Say... One side of a phone call. This one will make you smile.

One Word. Cable is sick, and Domino cannot get a word in edgewise. Short, but sweet. :)

Reflections. Nathan must choose between life and death and the women he loves.

Time Out. The simplest things can bring forward memories of the past. Set during the six month gap.

Vows. Cable seeks forgiveness and a blessing.

Ana Lyssie Cotton

Askani Anthem. A very funny look at the Askani'son. This is a hilarious filk that you just have to read.

The Chosen Few. (Cable/BtVS) Set in Alicia McKenzie's Shadowlands universe. A shift takes Cable into a world with vampires and the Slayer. There isn't a teaser that can really do justice to this story. It is that good. Alternate Timelines Feature Story: September 2000!

Lucky Comrade-In-Arms. Cable - as he goes it solo. Another masterful filk!

Night Terrors. Stryfe faces a new adversary. Who would have thought a Stryfe fic could be so cute? :) Continued in To Name a Nuisance.

Time Passages: Part 1, (in progress) Cable receives some much needed help from an unlikely source. Hysterically funny! 

More of Ana Lyssie Cotton's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive!

Ana Lyssie Cotton and Persephone

To Name a Nuisance. Distracted by his new adversary, Stryfe makes a dangerous error. Sequel to Night Terrors.

Been Here Forever. Stryfe must deal with his reduced circumstances. Fortunately, he has company. Sequel to To Name a Nuisance.

Wine, Kitten and.... It is amazing how much trouble one little kitten can cause. Sequel to Been Here Forever.

The Thickens Plot. An escape attempt leads to an announcement and some quality bonding time. Sequel to Wine, Kitten and....

Same As It Ever Was? Change is inevitable, though Stryfe continues to maintain at least the appearance of resistance. Sequel to The Thickens Plot.

DuAnn Cowart

Briny Deep. Imagine an emergency life raft. Now imagine that raft is occupied by Cable, Domino, Madelyne Pryor, and Deadpool. This one is a lot of fun!

Zoo Day. Sequel to Briny Deep. Deadpool has some good news for Cable. Hysterically funny!

Halftime. Conversation heats up as the game falls into the background. This one-sided conversation proves, yet again, that nobody can write Domino quite the way DuAnn does. Simply perfect! Alternate Timelines Feature Story: February 2001!

Just Lucky I Guess: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, Part 31, Part 32, Part 33, Part 34, Part 35, Part 36, Part 37, Part 38, Part 39, Part 40, Part 41, Part 42, Part 43, Part 44, Part 45, Part 46, Part 47, Part 48, Part 49, Part 50, Part 51, Part 52, Part 53, Part 54, Part 55a, Part 55b, Part 55c, Part 56, Part 57, Part 58, (in progress) Domino and Cable go to London in answer to a call from Pete Wisdom. Accompanied by Storm, Psylocke, and Wolverine, they confront a ghost from their past, who may not be as dead as they believed. This is undoubtedly one of the best stories out there!  Alternate Timeline's Classic!

Moment. Domino's plans for a quiet night in the Danger Room are interrupted by the appearance of Iceman. An excellent look at both characters - very insightful.

New Order: Quality Time. Motherhood is not an easy task, especially in a mansion full of 'helpful' friends and relatives. Part of Alicia McKenzie's Pantheon Arc.

Nowhere Bar. Left alone on a Friday night, Kai finds herself accompanying Domino out on the town. An excellent story - a lot of fun, too.

On The Stairs. The sequel to In The Bushes by Kaylee. Domino confronts Cable about what she witnessed. A beautiful story that gets to the heart of this very complicated relationship! :) Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Best Drama!

Replacement Killers. Domino searches for something to replace what she has lost. First rate characterization. Rated R for language and adult situations.

Stayin' Alive: Mercenaries in Polyester: Prologue, (in progress) A tale of Cable and Domino's early years with the Six Pack.

More of DuAnn Cowart's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive and the Other Archive!


A Little Faith. After Scott's death, Bobby seeks out the boy he once knew. Absolutely beautiful. I cannot recommend this story strongly enough. Read it. You will be glad you did.

Dearly Beloved. There are some battles that cannot be won. Heartbreakingly beautiful!

Don't Be Reasonable. Cable and Sam have a rather interesting discussion, when Cable stops by to check up on Domino after her experience with "Junior." This on is great - insightful, humorous, and with the perfect ending.

Erinyes: Yours Sincerely. (Genderswap) Eris encounters Tetherblood and endeavors to leave her mark. The Erinyes universe is the creation of Diamonde and Alicia McKenzie. I highly recommend you scroll down, just a wee bit and check it out! 

Eve. Stryfe takes a terrible vengeance on Aliya. This is one of the most insightful looks at Stryfe I have seen. Warning: Disturbing Imagery.

Like Sons, Like Mothers. Jean Grey and Madeline Pryor discuss sharing lives and sharing sons. An incredible look at both characters!

To Have And To Have Not . When Sam convinces Domino that they both need a night out, an unexpected reunion occurs.  Humorous, serious, and insightful - this one is a must read!

The Purple Toothbrush. Hope can be found in the smallest things. Superb characterization. 

Small World. On an early morning search for coffee, Cable discovers something more. From insightful characterization to great humor, this one has it all.

War Crimes. Stryfe examines his war with Nathan, and its consequences. A very powerful commentary on the nature of war.

More of Diamonde's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive and the Other Archive!

Diamonde and Alicia McKenzie

Erinyes: Hell Hath No Fury. (Genderswap) In a very different future, Natalie Dayspring leads the Clan Chosen against Canaanite forces led by her nemesis, Eris. A skilled execution of a fascinating concept - very highly recommended!


Either or Neither. Domino contemplate her independence. Very insightful.

Lilies of the Field. Cable enjoys some of the simple pleasures of life.


Needs Must. Blaquesmith contemplates his relationship with Nathan. Okay, not much of a teaser -- but one hell of a story. Read it! Alternate Timelines Feature Story: March 2000!

Brooke Hembree

When We Two Parted. An interesting look at an alternate timeline, where Cable and Bridge encounter Domino as a young girl, with tragic consequences.

Fading Lights. Domino is mortally wounded while on a mission with the Six-Pack, forcing Cable to confront his feelings for his partner.

Darkest Dawn. Cable must deal with his grief after the events in "Fading Lights." Warning you may need a tissue when you read this.

Promises. A look into Cable and Domino's past, and the promises you can come to regret.

Running Blind: Intro, Part 1, (In progress) Domino is injured while away from Cable and X-Force...


Mutie Godmother. Domino pays a visit to the Mansion and to one resident in particular - Marrow. Great Characterization!

More of Indigo's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive and The Other Archive!


A Mother's Pain. (Alternate Universe) Domino is reunited with her daughter, five years after she had mysteriously disappeared.


Midnight Justice: Part 1, (in progress) Cable and Domino hunt down a vicious serial killer with a modus operandi that is hauntingly familiar to Cable. This is one of the best stories out there. It includes what promises to be an incredible examination of Cable's past. This is definitely a must read!

Rebellious Hearts: Author's Notes, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. In the author's own words: "Here is my first fan fic written about Cable or any other comic character. The story continues where the Askani'son Limited Series left off, dealing with Cable's new role as rebellion leader, as well as his relationships with his best friend and with Aliya." In the archivist's words: "Read It!"

First Blood: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Again in the author's own words: "This story is a continuation of sorts for Rebellious Hearts. It takes place about two months later, and explores the Clan Chosen's first taste of the realities of war, as well as the continuing development of relationships in the group, especially between Nathan and Aliya." This is an insightful examination of some of the forces that forged Cable's personality and view of the world.


Summer Silence. In the night Domino must cope with the violence of the day. Excellent!


And Miles To Go. A walk through the woods to a sacred place, and one man's solemn promise to the woman he loves. Inspired by a poem by Robert Frost, this is a beautiful story that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you in awe. Alternate Timelines Feature Story: October 1999! Winner of the 1999 Prosh Awards Reader's Pick Award!

In the Bushes . The sequel to By the Lake by Alicia McKenzie. Domino's reaction to Cable seeking out Bishop, rather than her. Excellent Domino internal dialog! Check out the sequel On The Stairs by DuAnn Cowart!

More of Kaylee's stories can be found at The Other Archive!

Mz. Kitten

Premonitions: Prologue, (in progress). Cable asks a question.


A World Apart. Set during their days with the Pack, Cable and Domino experience some down time after a mission. Read it! :)

A Good, Swift Kick In the Ass. An evening at the X-mansion, with Cable, Domino, and Storm. This one is guaranteed to make you howl with laughter (unless you are a Storm fan, in which case it might be pain). IMHO, though, Lynx nailed that particular 'love triangle' dead on! :)

A Smack In The Face Is A Good Reality Check. The sequel to 'A Good Swift Kick In The Ass.' Nate and Dom go out for breakfast and some much overdue conversation. This one is just too good! :)

Facing Up. In the wake of Cable's final confrontation with Apocalypse, Nathan and Domino have a heart to heart. Absolutely beautiful!

More of Lynx's Stories can be found at The Other Archive!


One Hundred Tears Away. A look into the past of X-Force's enigmatic Domino. Winner of the 1998 Prosh Award for Most Promising New Author!

Domenika Marzione

The Ties That Bind. What Domino was up to while Vanessa (Copycat) was on assignment... This one is amazing. The premise... the characterization... everything is outstanding. Highly recommended!  Alternate Timelines Feature Story: November 2000!

JB McDonald

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (GUAS #8). A young girl lives in a world apart from her family, but not by choice. Excellent Domino back history!! This is part of JB's 'Growing Up a Superhero' series, which looks at the childhoods of various members of the Marvel Universe (and their kids). This is an outstanding series of stand-alone stories which I highly recommend you check out! You can find the rest of the series at Due West of Nowhere and at Fonts of Wisdom. Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

Alicia McKenzie

Tales Of The Wild Pack:

First Dance: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. The Wild Pack is looking for a new member, but can Domino survive the interview?

Truth in the Tequila: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. A look at the aftermath of a job gone bad. Incredibly powerful Cable back history. Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

Friendly Fire: Part 1, Part 2. Cable is the victim of 'friendly fire' while on a mission, and Domino must deal with the consequences of her actions. Winner of the 1998 Prosh Awards Reader's Pick Award!

The Second-Best Way To Prevent Hypothermia. When Kane's piloting skills crash-land them on the side of a mountain, Grizzly, Kane, Dom, and Nate must salvage what they can to get through the night. Delightful!

Tango in Volgograd. When a mission goes bad, Cable and Domino find sanctuary and each other. This is a wonderfully funny and at times poignant look at the beginning of Dom and Nate's relationship, from the Mistress of Cable back history. Beautifully Done! Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

Turn Around And Face Your Fate. Cable faces the aftermath of the Pack's last mission.


The Psi-War Trilogy:

Never. Cable and Domino's reactions to the severing of their psi-link after the Psi-War.

The End of Magic. Psylocke and Cable discuss how the loss of their telepathic powers has effected their lives and their relationships.

If the Fates Allow. Set after the 'interview' with Irene in Cable 64, Cable receives some unexpected visitors for Christmas, X-Force.


The Outsiders Arc:

Alicia describes these stories as her "take on 'how the whole Cable thing' should be done." These stories feature Cascade's original character Dana Hawkes and fit chronologically after 'A Laying on of Hands,' which can be found on the X-Force Archive.

Dreamweaver: Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12,Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20. Cable, Wolverine, and Bishop track down two mutant criminals, and find Sinister, the Marauders, and a special girl with a connection to Cable.

Interlude: Northern Lights. Cable and Domino enjoy some much needed 'down time' in Alaska after the events in 'Dreamweaver.'

True Believers: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 , Part 9, Part 10 , Part 11, Part 12, Part 13 , Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17 , Part 18, Part 19 ,Part 20, Part 21, Part 22 , Part 23,Part 24 , Part 25, Part 26 , Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, (in progress). Picking up after 'Interlude: Northern Lights,' Apocalypse is threatening the time stream and Cable must stop him. But will his injuries and his family allow him to do so? This story features more of Alicia's wonderful Cable back history.

Interlude: Oubliette. . Domino is struck down by a psi-attack in battle, and Cable must chase her through her memories to bring her back. Set in the two years before Epinikion, it's part of the Outsider's Arc back story, but can also be read entirely on its own. This is one of my all-time favorites - Alicia has developed some intriguing back history for Domino - not only that, but she has done it in a way that promises to make things really interesting later in the Outsiders Arc. This is a fantastic story that I highly recommend!

Coda: At the Water's Edge. This story takes place twenty-five years after the end of the Outsider's Arc. The death of a comrade and friend brings one man to the water to mourn and remember.  Beautiful and bittersweet.



There have been many changes in the world in the years following the events of The Outsider's Arc. These stories chronicle the lives and adventures of the 'next generation' as they make their way through the world.

Life Abides. After Apocalypse's death, Nate and Dom wait for their daughter's birth and deal with the changes in their lives. Wonderfully written.

Armistice. After the final battle with Apocalypse, Domino finds herself contemplating Nathan, and the changes in their lives. A beautiful prelude to Pantheon!

New Order: First Impressions. An intruder has invaded Clare's world and she must decide how to deal with his presence. A beautiful piece that proves that Alicia can write wonderful happy stories - when she really wants to. :)

Namesake. Nathan Summers has an important midnight conversation with Nathan Guthrie.

As Time Goes By. At the end of a long day, sometimes you find everything you need at home. This teaser doesn't begin to do this beautiful story justice. 

Kicking And Screaming All The Way Out To Pasture. Nathan rebels as the paperwork  becomes more than he can bear. 

Peacekeepers: Denver: Part 1, Part 2, (in progress) In a terrifying attack, a city is destroyed. Finally, Alicia tells the tale of the event that changed the lives of so many. Definitely a 'must read.'

Peacekeepers: Remnant Shadows. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Logan and Nick travel to Madripoor on an investigation, but discover more matters that need to be examined. A fantastic look at Logan - the father.

Black Knights: Choose Your Battles . The Unity are responsible for the destruction of Denver, now six young X.S.E. agents prepare to avenge the city's dead. This is a wonderful introduction to a fascinating cast of characters.

Water Music. After Cable's death, Clare looks back on the times she shared with her father. Beautiful and poignant.



Water For The Dead. Some losses are too great to bear. This one will break your heart. Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

The Bondage of Sorrow. Magneto discovers that grief and justice can take unusual forms. This is an intense story!

Where Anger Bleeds. Charles confronts Nathan in an attempt to get him to talk about Magneto and about Domino. This is a story (and series) that I highly recommend. Read and Enjoy!

Just A Stretch Of Mortal Time. Logan confronts Nathan in the Danger Room, with violent results.

Memento Mori. When Scott attempts to help Nathan face his grief, the results are tragic. An astounding story in an incredible series!

The World In Shadow. Confronted by a telepathic visitor with strong ties to Cable, Magneto is forced to make a difficult decision concerning the events in 'Momento Mori.' What can I possibly say about this story other than, 'Read It!'

The City Of The Evening Star. Lost within his own mind, Cable journeys to a desert city in search of what he has lost. An amazing look into a mind torn apart by grief.

Watched You Fall. While keeping vigil at Cable's bedside, Tabitha examines her feelings for the mentor she has lost, and the one she fears she may lose. An excellent look at Tabitha's relationship with Cable and Domino that will make you cry!

Cry In The Wilderness. Jean and Magneto enter Cable's mind in the hopes of bringing him back from the edge. Heartbreakingly beautiful!

Cast Your Soul To The Sea. Cable must confront his inner demons before he can be free. This is an amazing ending to a powerful series. Alicia has outdone herself with this one.

Alter-Nocture: Daybreak. What would have happened had Cable managed to save Domino on that fateful day in Genosha? A very powerful piece that gets to the heart and soul of the man known as Cable.


The Paladin Trilogy:

Broken: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8. Cable is captured by Apocalypse, but that is only the beginning. This is a story that will grab you, and not let go! Warning: Rated R, for violence. Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Best Story Overall! Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

Crusade: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, (in progress). Enraged, Cable seeks out those whom he believes betrayed him. A worthy successor to Broken, this one is terrifyingly good! Warning: Rated R, for violence.


The Foretales Series:

Black Day . Rachel Summers, the Mother Askani, has successfully brought her infant brother to the future. But as the Askani Cloisters come under attack and her world falls into ruins around her, Rachel must make a devastating decision about her brother's future--and her own past.

Brave New World: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, (in progress). Pulled off the battlefield and thrown into a past world he knows nothing about, a confused and disoriented Nathan Dayspring turns for help to the only man he's been told he can trust--Charles Xavier.

Wiser Days: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. An agent of British intelligence is sent after a dangerous mercenary known as Cable. This is set ten years before The Outsiders Arc. If you have ever wanted the full story of how Pete Wisdom met Cable (the condensed version is in Part 4 of True Believers) here it is for your reading enjoyment! :)


Kai/Logan Stories:

These stories feature Kaylee's original character Kai. If you would like to read more stories featuring this compelling character (and I know you will) you can find them at Fonts of Wisdom on the Tag Team (Kai and Logan) page.

The Grudge Match of the Century. Kai and Logan return to the mansion to find that Cable used something near and dear to Logan's heart to thwart a Sentinel attack. This story is one of the funniest stories I have ever read. Enjoy!

Raven Skies: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Epilogue. Cable disappears and a worried Domino turns to Kai, Logan, and G.W. Bridge for assistance in tracking him down. Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Best Adventure!

Stargazers. In the aftermath of Raven Skies, Kai and Cable share a moment amongst the stars. Incredible imagery!


The Sinatra Cycle:

All My Tomorrows. Domino and Cable reach an understanding in the wake of Cable's final confrontation with Apocalypse.

Goodbye. Set within Cable #73, Cable and Domino have a long overdue discussion about the past and the future. This is a conversation that should have been in that issue!



What if nobody 'won' Inferno? What if Nathan faced both Apocalypse and the Goblin Queen in a three way battle for the future of a much different world?

Eden in Your Dreams. Dr. Cecelia Reyes fights hard to save the lives of those battling the forces of the Goblin Queen. Sometimes her efforts are not enough. Powerful and insightful!

Ash and Shadow. A battle with Illyana leaves Nathan injured, and the occupants of the Antarctic sanctuary worried. Excellent story, providing the background to this fascinating series. 



Aspect. After a second battle with Apocalypse, reality is ripped apart at the seams, and two old warriors find comfort in each other amid the ruins. Alicia has created an fascinating and complex new world with this story. Warning: Rated R by the author for sexual themes.

Oasis. In a world where nowhere is safe, a few have created an island of serenity in sea of chaos. This powerful story takes the Shiftworld concept one step further.

Worlds Between Us. Nathan confronts the father who never knew him.


Clan Chosen:

Vow. During one of the darkest times in their lives, Nathan makes a promise to his wife and to himself. Beautifully written!

Belisarius Laughed. Set during the Clan Chosen Rebellion, Cable sets out to liberate a city without the knowledge or aid of Jenskot.

Live to Fight Another Day. The responsibilities of being Clan Chief wear heavily upon Nathan Dayspring. 

Wenceslas. Past and present merge to tell a tale of guilt and redemption. This is an amazing piece that I highly recommend.

Night Falls. After the fall of the Clan Chosen, Stryfe pays a visit to the Askani'son in his cell. Warning: Disturbing imagery.

Pyrrhic. (what-if) The leader of the Clan Chosen contemplates triumph over the Canaanites, and the price paid for victory.

Vindex. A survivor reflects on the horrors of war, and on the man responsible for tearing apart the lives and homes of the innocent. An incredibly powerful piece, that reminds us who bears the one of the greatest burdens in any war - those caught in the crossfire.


Other Stories:

#offtherecord. G.W., Cable, and Domino venture into chat one night.

After the Fall. The sequel to Jaya Mitai's On Letting Go, Scott must deal with his guilt and grief. This is an amazing look at Scott Summers, the father (even if you are not a big Cyclops fan - read this!).

...And The Years Have Left No Mark. If you have ever wondered exactly how old Cable is, this is one possible answer. An excellent theory, IMHO. :)

Anniversary. The sequel to Promise. On the anniversary of Tyler's death, Cable and Logan finally discuss that fateful day. Some stories are simply so good that they defy description - this is one of them. Read it.

Annwn. Domino must come to terms with her grief and her guilt after Nathan's death. This is one of my favorites - it is a beautiful story that will touch your soul. Alternate Timelines' Feature Story: November 1999!

Between Battles and Blankets. A behind the scenes look at Cable and Domino after a long day in the 'office.'

Between The Shore And The Deep Blue Sea. While on vacation in the Florida Keys, Cable meets some new friends and gains a new view of the world. This is a remarkable story that is guaranteed to make you smile. I know I did. :)

Beyond. Cable leaves a final message for his father. A beautiful example of Alicia's uncanny understanding of Nathan's and Scott's relationship.

Beyond the Pale. A somewhat disturbing look at the time Cable spent trapped by Stryfe, a prisoner in his own mind.

Bleed. Set after X-Men #98. Cable and Jean must come to terms with Scott's death, and the outcome of that fateful battle with Apocalypse. Excellent. Absolutely Excellent!

Burning Bridges. A fascinating look at the differences between Magneto's ideology and Cable's, from the perspective of the Master of Magnetism. This story really puts the conflicting beliefs of Xavier, Magneto, and Cable in perspective.

By the Lake. During a difficult period in both of their lives, Cable and Bishop find comfort and common ground. When Alicia told me she was writing this story as a response to the Strange Pairings Challenge on OTL, I was a bit surprised (understatement). However, I must say, not only is it plausible and well written (as if there was any doubt), it is also a meaningful story that will make you think. Check out the sequel In the Bushes by Kaylee!

Caer Sidi: Part 1,  (in progress) After the X-Men defeat the Crimson Pirates and the Goth, Gambit's team goes to New Orleans for some rest and relaxation. But Jean knows there's something very wrong with Nathan, and what she discovers requires extraordinary steps...

Christmas In The Taiga. Just when Domino thinks her luck's run out, she's miraculously rescued from a very dangerous situation. But dealing with her rescuer may be the real challenge... Excellent. Highly Recommended

Clarity. The final battle with Apocalypse leaves Nathan blinded, requiring him to come to terms with the changes in his life. A remarkable story that truly gets to the heart of the man known as Cable. Warning: you will need a tissue to make it through this one. :) Go check out the sequel - Tangible Light.

Clear As Midnight. The Christmas after Scott's death, a depressed Nathan gets a very meaningful gift from a very special someone... This story is truly beautiful. Part of the 2000 Holiday Fan Fic Project! Alternate Timelines' Feature Story: December 2000!

Confessional. At the urging of his family and friends, Cable seeks professional help. Incredibly insightful characterization. 

Conversation Over Hot and Sour Soup. Cable seeks the advice of a precognitive friend. Alicia calls Minerva "Cable's on-the-side-Delphic-Oracle." I call her one of the most interesting original characters I have seen.

The Dark Age. Set during the six month gap. Cable summons Pete Wisdom to discuss his new role as "Professor W." This one is simply fantastic. It takes you into the minds and motivations of both men with incredible candor and style. Whether or not you like X-Force's "new" direction, this is a story you must read.

Duet. Written in response to the 'Scary Story' challenge on OTL, Nate Grey faces the frightening consequences of a terrible accident. This one will give you the shivers.

Drowning Sorrows. Set after the Fathers and Sons storyline in Cable #6-8, Domino tries to help Cable deal with the changes in his life. This story is absolutely fantastic! Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

Ephemeral. Set in the same timeline as Clarity and Tangible Light. An unexpected visitor examines her relationship with, and her feelings for Nathan.

Fallen Angels. In a world where Cable never existed, the mercenary known as Domino makes the mistake of letting her guard down...  Rated R, by the author for language, violence, and adult content. Written for the Life Without Cable: What if Cable Never Existed Challenge. This is a simply amazing story. Highly recommended!

Flying Dutchman. Scott and Nathan take some time of to visit Christopher Summers on board the Starjammer. Unfortunately things do not always go as planned. One of my all-time favorites. Highly recommended! Alternate Timelines' Feature Story: June 2000!

Frozen Sun. Sequel to My Own Prison. Rogue goes out to retrieve a depressed and angry Cable from a local bar, but the violent confrontation that results has very unintended consequences.

Hellfire and Damnation: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (in progress). Domino receives a summons from Sebastion Shaw, which leads to far more than even she can handle alone. Warning: Rated R, by the author, for Disturbing Imagery and Language.

I Left My Heart On Seikosha IX. The follow up story to Losing Myself in You. Domino gets Cable to try out a new Danger Room scenario. The ending is absolutely priceless. Warning: this story has some mild sexual content.

In The Still Of The Night. Late at night, Copycat ponders the unique dangers of impersonating Domino. This one is amazing!

Just Believe. A New Years tale. This is one for everyone who is less than satisfied with Marvel's version of the battle with Apocalypse.

Just Passing Through... (Endless/Cable) Delirium has a message for Cable and Blaquesmith. 

Land Of The Living. Cable experiences the full range of the Colossal Man festival. Set between panels in X-Force #75.

The Lake. Cable and Domino take some time off. Beautifully written.

Losing Myself in You. Did you ever wonder what happened between Cable and Domino between Cable # and X-Men Prime (other than the Age of Apocalypse)? Warning: this story contains adult themes and sexual situations! Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

Make A Wish. How do you surprise a telepath on his birthday? Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Best Comedy!

Mindful Of Each Ghost. When Cable's self-destructiveness forces Gambit to bring him in line, they are made painfully aware of the presence of the ghost who haunts them both. Excellent examination of these characters.

Mockingbird. A brief look into Cable's early years with 'Redd' and 'Slym.'

My Own Prison. Rogue confronts Cable about his recent behavior and discovers more than she bargained for. Incredible, simply incredible! Be sure to check out the sequel Frozen Sun!

Never Tell Me The Odds. Logan is captured by people who are very interested in something in his mind. But why--and why can't he remember? And what does Cable have to do with it? This is a fantastic story that will keep you guessing until the very end!

Night Owls, Paternal Instincts, and Questions Better Left Unasked. Scott decides that it is time to ask Domino a few questions.

Not Alone. Set after a hypothetical Cable #75, Cable gets a gentle reminder that there are some battles he doesn't have to fight by himself.

Open Your Mind. Cable gives Domino a new perspective on the world around them. Beautiful!

Over The Hills And Far Away. When his own body turns against him, Cable chooses to leave the mansion in search of a little peace. Powerful and heartbreaking!

Paint It Black. Nate Grey seeks out Cable after the confrontation with Apocalypse. This teaser doesn't even begin to cover it. Read It!

Penumbra. As shared dream, and a revelation about Cable's past, bring father and son together.

Poenas. Caliban returns to confront Nathan, about his abandonment of him in the Morlock tunnels. This teaser doesn't begin to describe this story. Warning: This is a dark and disturbing story. Rated PG-13 for violence. Written in response to the 'Wrath of Cable' Challenge.

Promise. Cable withdraws from everyone after Tyler's death, and only Sam is able to reach him in his grief. Check out the follow-up story - Anniversary! Winner of the 1998 Prosh Award for Best Drama!

The Pros and Cons of Unrepentant Sadism. (Subreality Cafe). A very humorous look at the effect Alicia has on her fictives. This story will make you howl. Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Best SC Story!

Renowned Be Thy Grave. A former X-Man tells a child of the fall of the X-Men, and of the death of two heroes.

Replay. Cable discovers Bishop in the Danger Room recreating the events of the past. An excellent look at both characters. 

Sagarmatha. After Scott's death, Nathan takes a break in his wandering to visit a particular place in Nepal... Written for the 'Let Them Think About It' Challenge. I was fortunate enough to witness the development of this story from early drafts to the almost lyrical end result. This one is not to be missed.

Sailing The Sky. A relaxed day of cloud watching leads to a discussions of problems and understanding. A beautiful look at Dom and Nate being both whimsical and serious.

Shadows. Fear and doubts torment Cable after the battle with Nate Grey and Stryfe in Latveria.

Shekinah. After is father's death Cable faces the desert and himself. This is a  beautiful examination of Cable's relationship with Jean, his grief over Scott's death, and the nature of healing. A must read! Alternate Timelines Feature Story: August 2000!

The Shi'ar Coffee Story. In search of his morning cup of coffee, Cable encounters something not of this world. This is the most hysterical 'sillyfic' I have read in a long long time! Highly recommended to anyone in need of a good laugh. :)

So Long, Farewell... (Endless/Cable) Death comes for Cable. This one will break your heart.

Sparring. While visiting the mansion, Skin witnesses Cable in action, in the Danger Room.

Summer Rain. A Summers family reunion, as Corsair meets his grandson as a grown man for the first time.

Surfacing. Domino returns to New York and Nathan after the Psi War's backlash severed their psi-link. This is a definite Must Read - the Nemesis Contract as Marvel should have written it. :) Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Best Romance!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame.... Scott and Nathan have a simple itinerary for the day - a quick visit the FOH's New York headquarters and then off to see the Yankees play - unfortunately the plans were unexpectedly changed. This story explores a little known (canon) aspect of Cable's life, and is one of the most insightful examinations of Scott and Nathan's relationship I have seen!

Talisman. Nathan adds something to his uniform. Written for the Prelude to Revolution Challenge. This one takes you to the heart of Cable's grief over the loss of his father.

Tangible Light. A late night conversation leads to a new understanding between Cable and Domino. The Sequel to Clarity, this story will remind you of the frailty of humanity and the power of love.

Through The Looking Glass: Part 1, Part 2, (in progress). While on a mission, Nathan falls through some rotting floorboards and finds himself in a very curious place. An excellent adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Highly recommended!

Trust Me. Trust is a fragile thing, but it is all Domino has to pull Nathan back from the edge. Set in a hypothetical future. This story is beautifully written, and compelling.

Two Princes. Set directly following the first Cyclops and Phoenix limited series, this what-if looks at what might have happened if Nate had taken Stryfe with with him when he left Apocalypse's citadel.  A fantastic examination of both characters. :)

Two Princes: Island In A Sea Of Sand. Nate and Stryfe reach a new understanding. Sequel to Two Princes.

Welcome The Sun. Cable greets the rising sun. A very powerful look at the depths of this character.

When Flowers Just Don't Cut It. Set after X-Force 50, the team desperately tries to make amends to Cable and Domino.

Who Lives By The Sword. An experimental story that takes a unique look at Nathan Dayspring Summers in all his aspects and incarnations. Intense imagery and vivid description.

You Said You Wanted A Revolution. As he walks its streets, Nathen sees the conflicting sides of the city. Excellent description.

More of Alicia McKenzie's stories can be found at The Other Archive!


A Short Shower. Sometimes all it takes it a gentle push. Short, but a lot of fun!

More of Mel's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive and The Other Archive!


Buying the Farm. How does one survive death? It appears that Domino's luck has been working overtime. This is the sequel to Paving the Road by Jaya Mitai, and will make much more sense if you read that story first.

Jaya Mitai

On Letting Go. A mission goes bad with tragic consequences for one man. This is one of the premier examinations of Cyclops' and Cable's relationship. For the sequel, read After the Fall by Alicia McKenzie.

Paving The Road. Nathan's good intentions result in the death of his partner. After you have finished crying you may want to check out the sequel Buying the Farm by Mercutio.

Peach Nectar. The conflict between Stryfe's Canaanite troops and the Cable's Clan Chosen plays out with unexpected results. Rarely am I as impressed by a story as I was by this one. From amazing characterization, of both canon and original characters, to an engaging plot, this is one not to be missed.

More of Jaya Mitai's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive!

Jaya Mitai, Mel, and Persephone

Ashes of Chaos: Break of Dawn: Parts 1-3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, (in progress). After a battle in the Alps leaves the two combatants severely injured, the X-Men rush them to Muir Island's medical facilities. Okay, not much of a teaser, but then I really don't want to give anything away with this one. Mitai, Mel, and Persephone simply cannot be praised enough for this story. Highly recommended!


Decisions: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, (in progress). Set between X-Force #71 and X-Force #82, this is my attempt to explain Domino's actions in Cable #55 and the decisions that led her back to X-Force. This was written in response to my own Challenge, Those Items Missing and Unexplained, and was actually plotted while I was trying to decide whether or not that Challenge was worth posting. It has taken on a life of it's own since then, but is still (mostly) true to the challenge. :)


Another Place and Day. . Domino's favorite bar, too many bottles of scotch, and Cable remembering the past, choices made, and the ones left behind.

Matt Nute

The Blaquesmith Chronicles: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Set five years in the future, Blaquesmith tells a special bedtime story to the daughter of a dear friend. I highly recommend that you check out this fascinating piece of Blaquesmith back-history. Matt has probably done more with this character than anyone (including Marvel). This story is part of Matt's X+5 Timeline, which can be found at Stories For The Reality-Impaired.

More of Matt Nute's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive and the Other Archive!


Daddy's Little Girl: Part 1 & 2, (in progress). Domino has never had a proper family, substitute fathers and children aside. Luck only stretches so far.


A Time To Talk. Changes in their relationship prompt Cable and Domino to have a much needed Talk. This is a beautifully written piece, that exposes the hearts and souls of the characters - highly recommended!

Once Haunted, Twice Free. A look into one possible future for Cable and Domino. Beautifully written and Angst-free!

Not That You'd Have Noticed. Without giving too much away, let's just say - This fantastic story features Domino, Bobby, and a frozen pool. :)

One Call Does It All. Nate and Domino have a 'discussion' about considerate behavior. Another lovely Angst-free story!

Shaianne K. PeriHawk

Faces of Askani'son. Nathan Dayspring, as seen through the eyes of others. An excellent look at Nathan's youth after the departure of Redd and Slym.

For Love of Nathan. Shortly after their arrival in the future, Redd and Slym discuss why they are there.. Shortly after their arrival in the future, Redd and Slym discuss why they are there. 

More of Shaianne K. PeriHawk's stories can be found at The Other Archive!


Dreams in the Mist. (Subreality) In the space between writings, one Cable finds comfort in the words of an almost brother. Featuring Alicia McKenzie's Cable from True Believers, this story is a highly effective use of Subreality to bring out the soul of a character.

First Kiss. When Stryfe is carried away from a battle with the Clan Chosen, he finds himself in an unexpected situation. An original and fascinating look at this character.

Forever. Aliya contemplates the people she knew and the meaning of 'forever.' Excellent!

Forever, You Said. The flip side of "Forever." Beautifully written.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (Shadowlands) Parts 1-2, Part 3, (in progress) An unexpected arrival at the oasis causes quite a few disruptions. This is an excellent story, which I highly recommend. 

Quintessence. Cable contemplates the meaning behind some Askani "truths". Incredibly insightful.

Succession (Shadowlands) Cable prepares for the future of the Clan Chosen. Intriguing concept, executed beautifully.

Second Sun. When battle makes allies of Cable, Jean, Scott, and Stryfe, tragedy brings together one man and the son he never had a chance to know. Beautifully written.


Nightmares. (Poetry) Domino and Cable share a very close psi-link. Ever wonder if they can share each other's thoughts, then why not dreams or...... nightmares? Inspired by events in Alicia McKenzie's Outsider's Arc, this evocative poem captures a piece of Cable's soul.

Alara Rogers

Moebius Strip. Cable decides to deal with Stryfe once and for all. Intriguing concept, excellent characterization - highly recommended.

More of Alara Roger's stories can be found at The Other Archive!

Trisha L. Sebastian

The Lady is a Tramp. Cable ponders the mystery that is Domino. Excellent characterization!

Adriana Scaletti

Winner of the 1999 Prosh Award for Most Promising New Author!

Callings. It is night and the moon and remembrance are haunting Nathan. Written in response to the "Let Them Think About It" story challenge.

Desierto. (Elseworlds) The desert brings together two tribes and their leaders. Beautiful imagery.

Fidarsi. A "what if" story that takes a look at Cable and Domino after the disaster in the Yucatan.

Full Circle. In a one sided conversation, Cable explains things to Domino, and comes to a few realizations of his own at the same time. Check out the companion piece to this story - He. Winner: 1999 Honorary Prosh Award for Writing Excellence!

He. The companion piece to Full Circle. Domino's perception of Cable.

Kutsurogu. Set during the days of the Six Pack, a mission in Madripoor brings back some difficult memories for Domino. A compelling story with absolutely fantastic Domino back-history!

Adriana Scaletti and Jeff O. 

Born to Darkness: Prologue, Part 1, (in progress). Domino is a woman of mystery, yet sometimes even the darkest secrets come to light.


Better Than Jewelry. Domino receives an unexpected birthday gift. Excellent!

The Cult of Good Use. A late night cookie craving leads to a new understanding.

Family Reunion: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (in progress). Years in the future, the extended X-Family gathers together. A wonderful story, with a fantastic narrator! 

In This Bed. Domino contemplates Cable and the war he wages. Beautifully written, filled with amazing insight into these characters.

Last Christmas. Domino's final thoughts. This isn't much of a teaser, but it is one incredible story. I really cannot recommend this one enough. It is simply amazing.

Ours. After Domino's death, Cable must face the home and the life they built together, alone. Heartbreaking!

Prayer. Reeling from a loss she never imagined she's suffer, Domino rages at one who seems oblivious to her pain. This is a powerful, insightful, griping, and deeply moving story. Highly recommended.

Pure Luck. As the final battle with Apocalypse approaches, Cable seeks out Domino. Excellent characterization.

Saying Yes: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9. Dom and Nate seek some much needed time away from it all. Alternate Timelines Feature Story: July 2000!

Shut Up. After a hard day, sometimes all you need is silence.

Thank God. Accidents happen. In the end sometimes all you can do is be thankful nobody was hurt. 

This Is How. The companion piece to Ours, this is a heartbreaking tale of Domino's death and Cable's grief. Beautifully written with powerful imagery.


Love Me Like Sunday. Cable visits Aliya's final resting place, seeking the answer to an important question. An excellent look at Cable's relationship with his wife.

Moments Like These. In the quiet of the night, Domino contemplates Nathan and their life together.

So Long. Stryfe looks out upon the world as he searches for meaning in his life. An insightful look into Stryfe's mind.

More of Spark's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive!


A Long Week Without Me. Domino leaves the mansion for a week, and everything goes to pieces.


Mommy Loves You. Some decisions will haunt you for the rest of your days. Warning: Adult Themes.


Blue Pancakes and Homemade Coffee. The simple joys of a broken furnace on a chilly morning. This lovely story will make you smile. :)

Stuff and Nonsense. Domino's thoughts in the night.

Porcelain Masks. Domino stops by for a visit, and unloads a little baggage. Written in response to the Dirty Little Secrets Challenge.

Ashes and Pipe Dreams. Companion piece to Porcelain Masks.

Hold On. Truth can sneak up on you in the still of the night. 

Lost In A Gunshot. Cable and Domino cannot seem to stay apart, even when perhaps they should. Drawn out of current continuity, this is an incredibly insightful piece. 

Time, Tide, and Trauma:

The Prosecution Wins. Sometimes it becomes too much. Prequel to After Long Years.

Motorcycle Drive By. Domino faces the decisions made in  The Prosecution Wins.

After Long Years. Domino and Cable meet to discuss the time they spent apart, and the reasons why each stayed away.

Love (and Other Indoor Sports). Sequel to After Long Years. When rain keeps them indoors, Nathan and Domino must find other ways to pass the time.

Another Old Lang Syne: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Domino accompanies Cable to the mansion for the holidays, but finds she has more to deal with than his family. 

With A Bang. Companion piece to Love (and Other Indoor Sports).

Glass Cage:

Menagerie. The unwilling prize in a madman's collection, Domino must deal with being imprisoned again.

Resilience.  An attempted escape shows Domino the severity of her situation. 

Gothic Delusions. Time and captivity weigh heavily on Domino.  

Mind Games.  In the aftermath of her escape, Domino faces new challenges and old fears.

More of Timesprite's stories can be found at the X-Force Archive!


Doubt. Nathan examines his, and others, perceptions of Scott's death.

Kerrin Watter

On Death and Dying. A woman travels from the future on a mission that may put her at odds with Cable and Domino. A very powerful story.

The Domino Quartet:

Coming Home: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Fed up with the situation at the mansion, Domino goes 'home' to visit her sister. Absolutely incredible Domino back history.

Blackfish Bar: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. After her return from her 'vacation.' Domino receives a mysterious note, leading to a dangerous rendezvous.

The Waiting Song. The aftermath of OZT (see X-Force 70) from Domino's perspective.


What Is, What If. Set after the events of Cable #68, Irene finds Nathan on the roof pondering the meaning of, among other things, a passage from Yeats.



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