Griplines: Introduction
By Brenda Jean Carlson


Welcome to the Griplines Saga, folks....what you see below is the first part of a story that burst into my head about three monthes ago. This is my second X-Universe venture, and my first story in the genre with multiple parts. Feedback will be consumed with the tenacity of a starved pitbull, and is guarenteed to make me write faster. ;p
*Rating:* I'm currently labeling this at 'R', though some sections may be NC-17 (don't worry - I'll let you know in advance.) This story is the product of a slightly deranged perspective and a very frusterated reader...There will hopefully be some laughs, but there will also be some serious don't say that I didn't warn ya ;p

*Spoiler Warnings:* WARNING! WARNING! This baby will stick its toes in about every bit of current info available. If it's been mentioned or even just hinted at, you may see it beware. For this current section, though, you should be especially aware of the events that split up Cable from Dom in X-Force 68-70, and again after their reunion in Cable 55-56.


Cable, Domino, Sam, Logan, GW and all the members of X-Force (and any other X-teams for that matter) mentioned below are the sole property of Marvel comics. Absolutely no infringement is meant by this piece of money is being exchanged, so please don't get mad. Our soon to be not so mysterious guest charcters are the product of my own imagination....and may they torment you as they have me.

Well if you've made it THIS far, you have my great respect....

So on with the show....



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