One Call Does It All

by Pebbs



DISCLAIMER: The characters within belong to Marvel. Most likely, anything else of any value belongs to someone else other than myself. I'm using it all without permission, but isn't making any profit, so that seems about even.

DESCRIPTION: Due to language, this is rated PG-13. On the count of most of this was written at around 4:00 am one morning, I'm refusing, at this time, to take full responsibility for my actions. Only partial. That way, if this turns out to be any good, I can fully accept any and all ego-boo that comes my way. If this sucks, then it was the sleep deprivation that should be blamed. Thank you. :)

DEDICATION: I must thank Lynx for betai'ng and both her and Sparks for encouragement my fellow partners in crime and Sisters OF THE STRONG. Gotta love 'em. ;)

"I did what I had to do!"

"No, you did just what YOU wanted to do, just like always!"

"That's not fair!"

"It's the truth - who gives a damn if it's _fair_?!"

Jaw tensing, holding back his next retort, Cable turned his back on her.

"You look me in the eye, Goddamnit! Don't you hide from me!"

He whirled around as if she'd just kicked him in the ass. "The HELL I'm hiding, Domino."

"Looks like it," she snarled up at him, violet eyes flashing wickedly. "You had _no_ fuckin' right and we both know this!" The finger she that held up to his face symbolized her conviction - it was in his face and it wasn't wavering.

"No, Dom. Apparently only _you_ do, because I still don't see what the problem is."

The next few changes of expression on her face ranged from 'Oh, NO he just didn't say that' to 'Since when did he become a comedian?'. "The PROBLEM is you pulling what you did - THAT's the problem."

"What I pulled? Why don't you tell me what it is that I pulled?" He folded his thick arms over his broad chest and shifted his weight from one foot to the other, intense eyes focused only on her.

"Don't. Don't EVEN dare. You know exactly what you did. You think you're just _so_ slick, don't you? Don't you?!"

"Don't call me slick," he warned her quietly. "I don't appreciate the name and I _don't_ deserve it."

She grinned, suddenly -- ferally, reveling in the look on his face. "Oh, did I hit a nerve, _Slick_?"

The muscles of his jaw suddenly bulged. "Dammit, Dom!"

"Don't act like you didn't have it coming because you _did_. You knew better and you went ahead and did it _anyway_."

"I did what I thought was the right thing. What's so wrong with that?!"

"What's wrong is that what you think is the right thing and what you want are usually misconstrued as meaning the same thing when they don't," she told him in what was a very good semblance of calm. She shook her head at him in disgust. "I _knew_ you'd try something like this, I just didn't know you would go _this_ low."

"Low?! Domino, please! You're throwing this all out of proportion. What's the matter with you?!"

"The matter with _me_?" She pointed that finger back at herself. "Me?! No, Nathan, what the hell's the matter with _you_ pulling this macho crap on me! You didn't even give me a choice! We're equals. Partners! Where do you get off making my own decisions for me?!"

"For the _last_ time, Domino, I thought it was the right thing to do!" He turned from her again. "I weighed what I knew -- the intel I'd gotten. I went for the best odds. What more do you want from me?"

"You should have trusted me, you oaf! As if I have _no_ experience at all! We've worked beside one another, side by side for years and you can't do that?! I turn my back for a few moments and you go off and make such a rash decision on your own?!"

"I've been making decisions on my own for longer then you've been born. I _think_ I know what I'm doing."

"Well, you sure disappointed _tonight_!" She paused. "It's because we're sleeping together, now, isn't it?"

He turned to find her glare accusing, sure in itself. She had little doubt that she'd just hit the nail on the head. He wasn't about to let that bubble go unpopped, though. "No, and I can't believe you'd say such a thing!"

"It IS. You wouldn't have pulled this mess on Grizzly or-or Bridge! Just admit it. It's pointless to lie."

"You smug little... I am _not_ lying!"

"I think you are. You just got caught and now you're trying to cover your ass. I can't believe you'd do this! Us sharing a bed doesn't mean that, suddenly, you get to go over my head like this. If I knew the respect you had for me was going to be inversely affected by our sex life, I would have reconsidered!"

"That's SO not it! I'd don't respect you any less -- that isn't how it is!"

"Then you tell me how it is, then, Nate." She snatched a chair out from the table, sat down, and resting her elbows on the table, laced her fingers. "Now. Tell me. You tell me exactly how it is."

He just blinked at her for a moment, surprised at what she'd just did and how she tried to pretend that she was composed, but was still very much pissed. If he'd known she'd be so upset, he would have just waited, whether his decision was hasty or not... He'd have just waited. He didn't even know it would be that big of a deal to her.

In no real hurry, he took a seat at the table across from her and tried to relate to her his thoughts. Unsurprisingly, she wasn't nearly as willing to listen to his side of it as she made out to be.

"If you're not going to listen, what's the damned point?!" He shot up from his chair and jammed it back under the table with much scuffing of the already-worn tiles and the sound of two wooden object meeting after being shoved into one another.

"What's the point of listening if you won't tell me the truth?!"

"And what's the point of the truth if it's not what you want to hear?" he shot back.

She stood to her feet, her palms flat against the surface of the old table that'd come with the place and Domino wished _hadn't_, though it'd come in handy once or twice as of late... "You hold on right there, pal --"

He held up his hands. "You know what? What's done is done, alright? Nothing's going to change what happened. I made a decision that I felt, at the time, was the right one and I'm _not_ going to apologize for it."

"Son of a bitch," she muttered.

"Would you just get over it? Calling me names isn't going to make things any different, either. Let's just drop it."

"That's so easy for you to say. If the situation was reversed, you'd be a tad upset, too."

"I doubt it -- and a _tad_? We passed 'a tad' twenty minutes ago when you threw that bottle at me."

"Deserved it," she grated through clenched teeth.

"Can we please be civilized about this?"

"I don't _want_ to be cvilized about this, dammit! I'm pissed off and I'm going to stay that way till we settle this."

"Fine!" He'd had just about enough. "I'm tired out this -- you want me to apologize? Fine! I apologize, okay? Next time, I'll order from _Domino's_ and not Pizza Hut! Damn!"

She folded her arms petulantly as she looked away.

"What more do you want?! You were gone!"

I stepped out for the beers -- you could have waited!"

"I was hungry!"

"Typical male! Always thinking with your stomach!"

"Oh, it's _stomach_ this week?"

"Don't push me," she snarled dangerously, eyes nearly aglow.

He sighed. "Are you ever going to let this go? I mean, it isn't your fault if rumor has it, Domino's is going downhill in quality. There's no way that could have any affect on you. It's ridiculous to even think it."

She didn't answer. Instead, she just continued to glower at him.

"What if... What if I agree to let you order from now on?" he threw in, eyes rolling up to the celiling as he clenched his fists. "We can have Domino's anytime you want."

"I want it now," she said quietly.

His eyes snapped back to hers. "Dom, we had pizza over four hours ago. I don't think they deliver this late and even if they did, they wouldn't show up in this neighborhood at this hour with without flack jackets and napalm."

She sighed roughly, something like a growl, which could've been a pout on someone else, and rolled her eyes away from him.

"I suppose an offer to make you a sandwich is out of the question."

She levelled her gaze on him.

He sighed once more, shoulders slumping. "What, then?"


"Ohhhhhh... Yeaaah... Right there -- God! I _love_ that! Don't stop -- don't ever stop..."

Nathan sighed for the fourth time in six minutes.

"C'mon. Put a li'l effort into it -- oh, yeah. There... That's it... You know, if this destiny thing of yours doesn't work out, you could always rent yourself out for this," she joked.

He rolled his eyes but didn't stop his ministrations.

She tensed in pleasure, biting her lip, then slowly let her body relax. "You don't look too happy."

She didn't even have her eyes open. He snorted at her then ground against her.

"Ahhhhh... Nathan, yes!" She threw her arm back over against the couch as she tossed her head to one side. "There!"

He almost wanted to laugh -- she was being so silly.

"Use the oil, Nathan. The oil --" she motioned haphazardly towards the table. "The coconut stuff."

He did as she asked, though with little enthusiasm. Pouring some into his palm, he rubbed his hands together to warm it, then liberally applied it.

"God, this is fabulous!"


"Now, move your head just a bit... Right there."

Now, she could see the television while he 'worked'.

Strong hands moved over her pale flesh, massaging, stroking and caressing in just the way she wanted him to. Though she was greatly enjoying it and it did amuse him a bit...he wasn't enjoying himself very much.

Eyes closed, a lazy smile played over her lips. At least she was no longer pissed at him. That was good, he supposed... With a shake of his head, he shoved away any indignation he had for his present position, knowing that it could have been much, much worse and paid more attention to what he was supposed to be doing to this lovely woman.

She shifted the wrong way, or in retrospect, the _right_ way, and nudged him ever so gently. Being that her foot was in his lap...that incident gave rise to another.

He froze, then shifted away from her foot rather than towards it, and muttering to himself, continued to precede.

Domino cracked an eye to look down at him. She was now smirking slyly at him. "Massaging my feet turning you on, Nate?"

He coughed.

She sat up a little, her foot moving out of his reach as she braced it by the heel against the edge of the couch, wriggling her toes. "Or perhaps you're just expecting to be rewarded for a job well done, hmm?" She eyed him like a wild cat, dark hair adding to the allusion, filling his head with images of a black panther starting her prowl, as well as flushing his loins with a delicious, yet aching heat.

"I never said -"

She sat up further, not taking her eyes off him, though they did rove downwards. "You should have. You're beginning to disappoint me again, Summers."

He blinked at her. "I, um..."

"Why don't you try to dissuade me of that?"

>Open invitation?!< He tried to maintain his 'Muy Macho' face, but it wasn'tworking. Suddenly, he was donning his 'Eager Beaver' look.

She chuckled slyly as she let the knee of her propped-up leg fall slightly to one side, and draping and arm over it, grinnedat him like the spider enticing the fly into her web. The look in her eyes might have been gesticulated by a curling of her finger towards herself at him.

He was getting a whole head of animalistic images - and that didn't even include anything specifically sexual, yet. He began to grin himself. "You minx." He slowly rose to his feet like a male wolf scenting heat, eyes on nothing by her female form.

She stared up at him as if his looming over her gave him no sort of advantage - really, it didn't, he knew - only put him right where she wanted him. She reached for his hips as she let her head fall back, playfully biting her lip before slowly letting it go to reveal, again, a set of perfectly shaped lips.

He bent over her, swooping down like a golden eagle, capturing her lips like momentarily caught-unawares prey and devouring them hungrily. Meanwhile, her hands scampered over him like overzealous chipmunks, touching, searching - grabbing.

He growled like a demanding pride-leading, full-maned lion, king of all he surveyed, but not of the female in his grasp, even if she were giving herself to him just then. He clutched her up to him like a jealous packrat, felt her body lining itself against him, lithe and long and lean, like a python waiting to wrap itself around him. Her tongue lashed out frequently as if to perpetuate the likeness.

Grinning to himself, he thought, >No more nature shows for you, Nate...<, but on second though, realized he was having a lot of fun, so nixed that. He lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, then carried her towards the bedroom.

She nipped at his ear on the way, purring.

Another reverberated growl sounded in response, hands tightening over her.

"Impress me, Summers. _Now_," she murmured, his earlobe caught between her teeth.

"Oh, I will. I _will_. Where we're going, 'disappointment' won't be in either of our vocabularies."

She laughed in delight, the sound clear and piercing like...well, like a bell. So, he couldn't think of anymore animal comparisons, but it was just as well - he wasn't really of the mind to _think_ anymore.

It was time to _act_.

"This'll teach you to not order Domino's."

He smiled gently, yet mischievously at her. "I've got the only Domino I want, right here. You always deliver on time."

She swatted him. "Hey!"

He ducked, but still got the flat of her hand at the back of his head. "It's true! And it wasn't _all_ sexual."


"And you like it." He recaptured her lips with a smirk. And to his immense pleasure, he wasn't smacked again.

"I'm ordering the pizza next time, though," she told him between kisses.

"Oh, no. If this is what happens when I order Pizza Hut, it's Pizza Hut from now on."

"How can you be so sure I won't kill you the next time?"

He chuckled. "I'm taking care of that as we speak."

"So confident..."

"That's _definitely_ in our vocabularies. Very high up there on the list, in fact."

She chuckled herself. "It's not the only thing that's 'up'."

"So funny. Ha, ha."

"I always thought so."

"Why...are you still talking?"

"'Cause you're not giving me a good enough reason to stop?" she managed to say even though a sharp, tickled laugh was coming up her throat in a race with his warm kisses.

"You're pay for that..."

"I'll write out the check afterward."

"Definitely... Don't...misspell my name."

"Hmm... Um, if I can remember how, or give a damn enough to want to spell later, you've not done something right."


Their clothing peeled themselves away from their skin as if by their own ardent volition, and scuttled out of sight like ferrets seeking -

*Dammit, Nate! NO more nature shows for you!*

Cable sputtered. "D-Dom?" He hadn't intended for her to hear that.

"I'm going to rip off your head and eat you like a preying mantis if you don't get on with it!"

"Don't they do that _after_ they'd mated?"

"You won't get even _that_," she hissed.

He almost thought to himself how snakelike that was - but stopped himself when visions of his head being torn off flitted behind his eyes. "Um, yes ma'am. Right away, ma'am."

"Good. Back to impressing me."

He chuckled, her wrapped up in his arms as he let his gaze saunter down her bare body, then back up again. "You better hold on."

She slung her arms around his neck, eyes dancing in the small bit of light that managed to peek in through the closed blinds. "Ready when you are."

He kissed her passionately, pulling her even closer to him and again wrapping her legs about his waist.

Suddenly, she pulled away from him -


Making sure he was paying full attention, she said through heavy breathing, "Just remember: with me, one 'call' most certainly does NOT do it all, capiche?"

He laughed, nodding. "Capiche."

"Good," she huffed, then yanked him back down to her. "And that 'thirty minutes or less' crap is right out the window. I _ain't_ that kinda Domino."


AUTHORS NOTE: The thing about the rumors of Domino's Pizza sucking lately is true - at least, where I live. I mean no disrespect to the company or to anyone that sees this that might have any sort of connection to Domino's Pizza. I've never seen for myself whether or not this is actually how things are - I haven't had Domino's in years. If it isn't true, I apologize. If it IS true, then... Sorry, still. :)

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