For Love of Nathan

by Shaianne PeriHawk



For Poi, because I said I would. And for Kaylee, because it's all her fault!

Disclaimer: All characters copyright Marvel. This story is for fun and giggles. Not a penny has exchanged hands over it.

# We're alive. #

Slym looked over at Redd. Yes, they were alive. He looked down at his knee. It had stop hurting hours ago, maybe twenty minutes after they'd arrived amidst a massacre, instigated by Apocalypse. A stream of dried blood ran down his calf, which sat at an odd angle from the rest of his ankle. ~ Looks like dislocation, and maybe a shattered kneecap. ~ He thought to himself.

He glanced over at Redd again, and the child in her arms. He closed his eyes in a silent prayer of thanks. To whom he prayed, he did not know.

# Is he okay? # He asked down the psi-link between him and Redd. Redd nodded and tucked the blanket more securely around the child.

Slym looked slowly around their hiding place. It looked like it had once been a small office building. Half the roof was lost to some grenade, long ago. All the furniture was lost to looters. There had been no sign of Apocalypse minions for two hours.

# This look like a good place to camp for the night? # He asked Redd.

Redd looked around the building. # Better than in the open. # Slowly, she slid down the wall, until she sat on the ground. Quietly, she cooed to Nathan, their son.

~ Kind of. ~ Slym silently corrected himself. ~ My son. ~ Once again, he wondered what she thought of raising another woman's son. ~ Oh, my love, if it could be otherwise - ~

# Quit that. #

Slym blinked. # Sorry, I didn't know I was thinking so loudly. #

Redd looked up at Slym. # I love Nathan, for all that he's not a child of my body. He's sort of a . . . grandchild. # She leaned down and brushed her cheek against Nathan's. # He's so beautiful. And he looks just like you. He's * your * child, my love. I'd love him for that alone. #

Slym limped over and sat down next to Redd. # He's cute, but I'm sure he gets it from your side of the family. # Purposefully, he did not mention Maddie.

# Maddie is my child, after a . . . weird fashion. # He felt her chuckle. They still dared not make much noise.

Slym put his arm around Redd and squeezed her tightly. # So, who takes first watch? #

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