by Riana


I was rereading Alicia's most wonderful series True Believers, when I was inspired by the scene between Cable and Domino when Cable was remembering the genocide of his people by Stryfe. Whatever muse that touched Alicia for that scene got hold of me and wouldn't let go until I finishing writing. Thank you Alicia for letting borrow your muse, and to my dear sweet kitty for being my sounding board at 11:45pm when every other sane person is a sleep;)

Oh and by the way, please do not attempt to sue me; I am not making any money off this. ( At least none that you could trace;)

I hear their screams in my mind
  scortching your soul
    in blood and fire,
memories I can't reach
only feel echoing into me
   down from your nightmares
that you bury deep
away from the daylight,
hidden behind your eyes
  But still there
   screaming in the silence,
driving you like there is no tomorrow
  because you know
    there will be one
and you have to stop it.
I hear them
and hold you close
  trying find comfort in us
and wait for the screams to die away
then we will lay there in each other's arms
  until dawn comes
and go on pretending we don't hear them
  don't know what they mean;
We both are too wounded and harden by life
to face our pasts in the light
  but even in the light I know you can still hear their screams.

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