X-Manson: Notes

by Dr. Benway




I've written a story.

I found it rather fun to write it, and thanks to the nature of the internet, you can take comfort in the fact that I almost certainly live a long way from where you do.

This story makes non-profit use of characters owned by Marvel Comics. It is not for the young, the sensitive, or the easily perturbed, and has parts that should not be read after a heavy meal.

The following apply:

1) Just because someone is a hero or a villain in the real books doesn't mean that they are a hero or a villain in this story.

2) The American presidents since 1956 were:

McCarthy, Kennedy, Johnson, Johnson, Kennedy, King, Bradley, Kennedy, Kennedy, Rodham, Rodham, and Rush.

In this America, hope dominates fear as all look to the future. Clearly, this is fiction.

3) The Vietnam War ended with the intervention of a UN mediator in 1964 and the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1970.

Many thanks to Luba, Tricia, and Alara for proof-reading. This and other work by me is kept in a locked padded room at the archive of Luba, located at http://home.att.net/~lubakmetyk 



Composed under the influence of:

Two weekends of Errol Morris documentaries.


The Ben Foulds Five

The neverending NPR coverage of the 2000 American presidential race.

Work as if you were in the early days of a better nation. -Alasdair Gray, 1984.

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